A dream come true

We were surprised to all the communiqué of the lawyers of Carlota Casiraghi, categorically denying the separation between her and the father of her second son. News, now false, of which we wrote last week guided by our concern for Carlota and Monaco. We have seen them grow, and she greeted me in that unforgettable way that night at the Thyssen, there are many reasons for us to rejoice that the separation was an unfounded rumor.

But I was still worried about the letter that the former Commissioner Villarejo wrote to President Sanchez, recognizing himself anxious to get out of prison and threatening to cause the destabilization of "the highest institutions of the state." For a moment, Villarejo reminded me of Lex Luthor, that terrible archenemy of Superman who possessed all the qualities between dementia and logic with which Marvel envelops his best evils. But I also thought of Pedro Sanchez, who already has so much trouble and now he has to add to Villarejo and his argument that everything he did, and won, was for and for the country. "I have always thought that a man is not a man if he does not defend his country," he writes in an almost Napoleonic rapture. Rereading the missive, Villarejo looks like the first of the so-called VIP prisoners who is offended by his situation and rebels. Let us hope that his example does not stop and the presidency is not involved in a epistolary relationship with Bárcenas, González, Rato, Urdangarin or Zaplana.

The difference of Villarejo with other prisoners is that file of more than one million notes on a number unknown of personalities. I guess I'm among them because if you're not going to give me something. And although I do not envy him to be in prison, yes I would have liked to have this agenda so promising and so full of VIPs. That's an agenda! Since little Nicholas to Princess Corinna, all for the fatherland. What failed Villarejo, perhaps for a sexist education, was to believe that Princess Corinna, for example, was not going to be smarter than him. It is that many men of his generation can not believe that a beautiful woman can be to his height. When you look very close to Corinna, as I happened to me in the 2014 in Miami, you realize it's like the Alps, a challenge. Beautiful. Cold. Dangerous. Intuit that what stays between his valleys is only discovered with the thaw.

El rey de Malasia, Mohamed V, en Kuala Lumpur, el pasado julio. Enlarge Photo The King of Malaysia, Mohamed V, in Kuala Lumpur, last July. MOHD RASFAN AFP/Getty Images

Now everything's fine in Monaco. But not so in Malaysia, which is also a monarchy, but revolving, and federal, so that every five years a different king is elected so that all the populations of the country are represented. It is an innovative solution that could be studied by José Antonio Zarzalejos. It is an electoral monarchy that, like all the other monarchies of the world, works quite well until love interposes. The current monarch, Mohamed V of Kelantan, has fallen in love and married a Russian model, Oksana Voevodina, who holds the title of Miss Moscow 2015. With that title, that marriage has generated misgivings and a certain threat to the happy revolving monarchy. So finally, Mohamed abdicated last week, two years ahead of schedule. Oksana has, of course, been pointed out as the cause, because integration as queen of Malaysia did not materialize. What can be translated into that he sent a lot, a little like it happens to Meghan Marke. I imagine that with less reigning time integration should have been faster. But it couldn't be.

I assume this news in the ancient city of Pompeii. A dream come true, since I was eight years old I wanted to tread Pompeii. From it I am attracted to everything: its perfect urbanity with gyms, spas and shops. And also a lupanar where they displaying, like a catalogue, all the erotic postures on offer. He was there, standing, in what was his city hall, surrounded by broken columns, thinking of Carlota, Villarejo and the King Emeritus when a leaf of the New York Times flew to my feet. He reported that studies on whale songs have become more reliable and therefore it is possible to confirm that humpback whales sing to seduce their lover. When analyzing the recordings have deciphered their language. I mean, conversations. Old and recent conversations that now come to light.

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