Albert Rivera smiles when asked about the photos with Malú

They've been together for about six months, but until this week there were no pictures in which the two appeared. Two days after Ana Rosa de Telecinco's program first showed photographs of Malú and citizens leader Albert Rivera, this week's Hello! magazine offers new images of the singer and politician. A photograph of both in a car and a montage of them on the same street occupy most of the cover of the well-known heart press magazine.

The leader of Ciudadanos, 39, and the popular singer, 37, appear in one of the two photographs walking down the street, both wearing sunglasses and casual clothing. She wears a salmon blouse and jeans, with a black purse; he wears a grey pole. In the other image, the pair appear in a car, with Rivera at the wheel and Malú in the co-driver's seat. In the information, Hello! tells some new details of the daily life of the couple and their plans for the future, as explained by the magazine itself, which adds that Malú and Rivera have started to make normal life and no longer avoid being seen.

The photographs that are the cover of the magazine were taken two weekends ago, when the couple were in a restaurant in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) and then went to visit the singer's mother together. Ana Rosa's The Program was made in El Corte Inglés in the same town, in the perfumery section, while Albert Rivera bought a cream. The couple no longer hides even though they do not yet appear in public events. It is assumed that they will attend together the wedding of singer Melendi and that of politician Manuel Valls.

This Thursday, in the program of Ana Rosa Quintana, the presenter referred to the images of both that were seen in her program and that "today are the cover of a magazine", she said, question that she has smiled. "Is she happy?" has Anne Rosa asked the politician. "Judge yourself," he said, still smiling. "I thank you how you've treated him, " he concluded.

Although Rivera had already declared herself a fan of the artist and had attended some of her concerts, including the one the singer gave in December at the WiZink Center in Madrid, it was not until the end of February that the relationship between the politician and Malú was known. The magazine Semana published some images in which the singer was seen arriving at the home of the leader of Citizens in a car that he was driving.

The couple reportedly met during a party hosted by Alejandro Sanz at his home in Madrid when he celebrated his 50th birthday. Pablo Alborán and Malú often organize evenings with musician friends such as Sanz himself, if he is in Spain, Antonio Orozco, David Bustamante or Pablo López, who is Rivera's neighbor in the same urbanization of Pozuelo and who was the one who introduced the couple. All always with total discretion and the complicity of that group of artist friends.

In November 2018, a spokesman for Ciudadanos confirmed the breakup of the politician with whom he had been his partner for the last four years, Beatriz Tajuelo, an exazafata converted into a music manager and who carried careers like that of Miguel Poveda, also within the citizen leader's gang of artist friends. Previously, Rivera had been married for 13 years to Mariona Saperas, with whom he has a seven-year-old daughter.

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