Alex Rodriguez, a life of success, doping and many women

The American people lived a historic moment with the election of Barack Obama. It Was February 2009 and at its first press conference the President echoed the news of the moment: the doping of Alex Rodriguez. He referred to it as "a depressing fact." The baseball player, the best paid in the world, gave positive for steroids and, although at first denied, finally confessed in an interview that everything was true. The American of Dominican origin was a star in his country, and from that moment it became the world. For The sporting scandal, but especially for his private life.

At the same time and after divorcing his first wife, Madonna opened the list of celebrities with whom he related to A-Rod, until two years ago he Started Dating Jennifer Lopez. This week they have pledged. The singer and actress will have in her fourth husband a beau who has amassed a fortune multimillionaire on the grounds of play and business, but also a man whose previous couples have repeatedly accused of cheating. This same week has jumped the last rumor about it, but JLo trusts that, at 43 Years, Rodriguez has come the time to settle the head with her.

In 2008, Madonna left England and returned to New York unleashing all kinds of speculations about an imminent divorce of Guy Ritchie. The Press baited with the artist and a magazine aimed at Alex Rodriguez as one of the causes. "The visit in the late hours of the night", revealed the weekly. She denied it, assuring that they were "friends only", but could not prevent the media from all over the world wondering who was that handsome Latino who had broken the marriage of the Queen of Pop.

In the United States A-Rod is largely known. A NY Yankees star Man, he is considered one of the best baseball players of all time and won two Golden gloves and seven silver bats. A millionaire athlete who signed in 2007 the biggest contract in the history of baseball, 275 million dollars (243 million euros) for ten seasons, 25 million per year apart publicity. While Madonna was broadcasting a statement denying everything, Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, filed a lawsuit for divorce in a Miami courthouse alleging numerous extramarital adventures for six years.

As if it were not enough, his professional decline came. In 2009 he admitted to having taken some stimulants while he was in the Texas Rangers, between 2001 and 2003, precisely the time when he became one of the most valued players. Between his divorce and his next year relationship, some emails were leaked that Rodriguez would have exchanged with a prostitute from a well-known luxury meretrices agency. Something that was eclipsed by his newfound engagement with actress Kate Hudson, with whom he was year and a half.

In 2011 He kept a romance of a few months with Cameron Diaz, with whom he came to formalize the relationship, as they flocked to several official acts as a dinner with Bill Clinton. At that time he was also accused of participating in illegal poker games, something that could have brought him a suspension from his team, but finally could not prove. The shadow of doping chased him up to 2014, when he confessed to the DEA, the US anti-drug agency, to have consumed illegal substances such as testosterone and growth hormone. He did It in exchange for immunity and assuming an entire year's suspension. After completing the sanction, he announced his retirement from baseball. It Began a new stage for him that coincided with a rebirth also in the personal, since he met the one who will be his next wife.

Rodriguez and Lopez have lived a seemingly idyllic relationship these past two years. He has continued to prosper economically, with businesses ranging from investment funds to car dealers, and has been willing to bury definitively his craziest facet. Now He dedicates his free time to buying art, one of his great hobbies, but especially to his fiancée and the large family that they have formed. He no Longer enjoys the nights of Miami but lives in New York. In a magazine not only have ensured that they love each other deeply, but that the children of one and the other "have become the best friends." Rodriguez brings two girls, Natasha and Her, the fruit of her marriage to Cynthia Scurtis.

A happiness marred these days by a new case of alleged infidelity on his part. A former teammate, José Canseco, has ensured that his former wife had an affair with Rodriguez. The implicated has contradicted everything, and meanwhile Jennifer Lopez has ignored the matter. The interpreter of The Ring continues to enjoy the gift of his future husband, a piece with an emerald diamond of 10 carat valued at more than one million euros. Time will tell if he's taken another jewel.

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