Amaia Montero Profitable the controversy

Amaia Montero has finished her hardest week triumphantly. The singer Guipuzcoa has managed to monetize the controversy that has generated with his performances of the last days and coincided with the launch of his new album. His fourth solo album, titled Born to Believe, has debuted on Spain's sales charts at number one. A success that however comes after the artist has received many criticisms after the first concert of the tour that accompanies this new work.

The erratic recital took place in Cantabria, and the comments of the attendees were terrible, with qualifiers as "Rooster Recital", "sultry" or "pathetic". To top it off, last Friday he went back to the stage, after forgetting part of the lyrics of the song on a television show. Episodes that have revived the attacks that the Basque has been dragging for years. On the one hand his physical appearance, and on the other a presumed fondness of alcohol, as many achacaron his problems in these actions to this cause.

In spite of everything, Montero is determined to continue on her throne of Spanish pop queen after having sold eight million records worldwide. The results for now confirm their status, and once again the ironic and famous appointment of Salvador Dalí is fulfilled, according to which "the important thing is that they speak of one, even if it is well".

A la izquierda, Amaia Montero a mediados de marzo; y a la derecha en 2008On the left, Amaia Montero in mid-March; And right on 2008

About to turn 42 years, Amaia Montero has started this new stage of her career with controversy from the same day of her comeback. It was at the Cadena Dial Awards in Tenerife at the end of March. After two years away, what most caught the attention of the first act of promotion of his new album was what many qualified as "his new face." Montero wore a somewhat swollen face, with bulging cheekbones and torn eyes. It became trending topic and many wondered what had been done in the operating room. The physical aspect of the exvocalist of the ear of Van Gogh has been one of the resources most used by its detractors.

When he released his second solo album he commented on his weight gain, and she has counted on more than one occasion that usually fatten and lose weight very easily. This time he extolleded his stylized figure, but he spoke of his face. She has reacted annoyingly, branding these comments from "sexist".

The worst was about to come. It was last 9th of June in the Cantabrian town of Rene de Piélagos, in the first concert of the Montero tour. It started an hour late, and the singer was seen stopping during the recital to correct the musicians and technicians visibly angry. He told them in English phrases like "This is a disaster" or "I don't know where I am". It was said that she was drunk, although she has denied and justified what happened with an "obvious sound problems".

Montero gave explanations to a television reporter, assuring that everything that had been said seemed to him "outrageous and an atrocity. Between my face transformation and this, I have been called from everything. " Days later he declared to another newspaper that he had "more desire to cry than anything else", especially because of the accusations of being drunk on stage. From his agency, Getin, have rejected an interview with this newspaper alleging that all his promotional agenda is complete, but a few days ago stated that the singer "wants to move page and focus on the album that is what really should matter." The fact is that the controversy is not settled, as the mayor of the Cantabrian people has said that since the consistory study to take legal action for the rugged performance.

This week Montero was blank for seven seconds while singing her new single in the program of Juan y Medio in Canal Sur. The detail was immediately captured and massively uploaded to social networks. A streak so full of mistimes has finally had its positive counterpoint. After the concert of the controversy his video added a hundred thousand hits on Youtube. Then there is the number one for the record, and also some public support. The singer Manolo Garcia has dedicated an extensive letter, titled to Amaia and the perfect of this world. In it, García recognizes "having acted once with a cup of more" and having "committed Pifias", remembering that whoever is free from guilt, to throw the first stone. On Thursday night, Amaia responded in Instagram with the following message. "I respect you, but most of all I love you. Yesterday when we hung you made me cry (for the first time in these hard days)... of Happiness! "