Amal Clooney: "I am also a refugee"

Amal Clooney's life is radically different since he met actor George Clooney and ended up becoming the wife of one of Hollywood's most-quoted bachelors. But Amal Clooney was formerly a character known in the legal circles as an international lawyer specializing in human rights, and although her husband's fame has taken away privacy, she also knows how to monetize the impact that causes each of their Appearances and statements.

During his visit to Toronto (Canada) with his father-in-law, veteran journalist Nick Clooney, in Luminato, the city's international art Festival, he has not hesitated to defend his commitment to the refugees and the need to help them, putting her Same as an example. "I am a refugee," said high and clear Amal Clooney during the talk at Hal Roy Thomson Hall held last Friday. "If the UK government had not given me a hand when my family was escaping the war in Lebanon, I would not have been able to grow in a safe environment or receive the education I have, or do any of the things I have done," he added.

The auditorium of the enclosure, which completed its capacity, applauded convinced of the reason for the words of the lawyer and activist. "I am very grateful that I was able to enter a country that showed compassion for me. I wish that was happening in more places in the world, "Clooney said. Forceful words framed in a broader context about the most pressing global problems, among which Clooney spoke of the refugee crisis but also of the March for our Lives movement, which fights against sexual violence against Women and freedom of the press.

Amal Clooney en una cena de gala el 16 de junio de 2018 en Londres.Enlarge photo Amal Clooney at a gala dinner on June 16, 2018 in London. Ricky Vigil M GC Images

A context in which his statements as a person who has lived in his own flesh the fact of fleeing a war and misery in his country gives it special value when it comes to the separation of immigrant children from their families in the United States. "It's shameful. It's not just illegal, it's immoral, "said Amal Clooney, Lebanese and British, before attacking the new executive order signed by US President Donald Trump for" not solving the problem "and continuing with the zero tolerance policy, of which he said he lacks" Totally of humanity. "

The activism of marriage Clooney about human rights is not left alone in the field of words. At the beginning of last week, the Clooney Foundation for Justice founded by the couple, made a 100,000 donation to the Young Center for immigrant children's Rights, an organization that represents in the courts unaccompanied minors and Separated from their families. During the last month of February also met through the program of David Letterman my next guest needs no introduction (my next guest needs no introduction) dedicated to George Clooney that the marriage had hosted a refugee who Amal had met while legally representing the victims of the genocide perpetrated by the ISIS. This is Hazim Avdal, 23 years old, an Iraqi refugee who escaped from ISIS and who impressed her when he met him "for his courage, but also for how he spoke, even after all that he had lost, about his desire for justice, not revenge."

Avdal, who also told Amal his dream of studying one day in the United States when they met, studied in February at the University of Chicago thanks to the help of marriage Clooney and lived in the house they have in Augusta (Kentucky). This is the main objective of the foundation created by the couple, to which they have allocated funds for more than 20 million of dollars (17 million of euros): to help the refugees providing housing, education and legal protection. In the same recording of the Letterman program, George Clooney referred to his wife as "an extraordinary human being." "When you see it in person it makes you feel incredibly proud and also incredibly small."