Amber Heard explains how hard it was to tell her bisexuality to her parents.

Amber Heard has been rising for years as a bisexuality speaker in Hollywood. In an industry that has difficulty accepting any kind of changes and exits from the regulations (and heteronormativity), the actress of the Danish Girl does not hesitate to talk when asked about how has affected his sexuality to his career. Without wanting to be the only voice of the collective, Heard carries his condition naturally even though he knows his opinion is important.

Now, he has talked about it in a panel discussion making change on and off the screen (making changes inside and out of the screen), within the SXSW festival held in Austin, Texas, his homeland. She told her parents about her bisexuality and her first relationship with a woman, Tasya van Ree, with whom she left between 2008 and 2012.

"I'M from Austin, Texas. My father is a typical good man from the south and I was raised in a very religious home. And being a lesbian, atheist and vegetarian declared... ", reflected in public the interpreter, as they gather media as People. "I Remember when I told them my relationship, that I was in love with a woman. All were tears and more tears. "

Heard said that after the reaction of his parents preferred "not to show negativity." "They Didn't know how to process it because, for them, there was only one binary system to do it: either it was bad or it was good." "Five years later," he continued, "I got a prize, and I asked my parents to go to Dallas [three hours from Austin]. And I saw them sitting in front of me and there I was, picking up that award for my homosexuality. My parents, in five years. See what tour they made. Attitudes and Hearts can change, "the actress reflected in the talk.

After that relationship with Van Ree, Aquaman 's interpreter went out With Actor Johnny Depp. They Were married in 2015, but divorced only 15 months later. As Depp said, she was unfaithful to the businessman Elon Musk just a month after her wedding. The founder of Tesla and the actress were one year together and broke in August 2017.

The actress came out of the closet in 2010 in an event of GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against defamation, a powerful association of the United States. "Impacted my career, it was complicated. It Wasn't easy, "he counted at an event in 2017. "I Was the only one going in that direction, so it was difficult because no one had done it. I did it even though everyone told me that I would end my career, without any doubt. "

"I Don't want to have to deny my bisexuality to be me," he told the British daily The Times in 2015, "but I don't want to be defined by her. I Am clearly opposed to changing myself to be appetizing or popular. I'M sweating It. I Struggle, but I wouldn't have to. "

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