Ana Obregón: "My son's nightmare is over"

The State of health of Alex Lequio, the son of Ana Obregón and his partner Alessandro Lequio, has aroused the interest of the public for the fame of his mother and the youth of the son, 26 years, since in March of 2018 it was known that he had traveled to New York and was receiving TREATM Slow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a center specializing in cancer treatment. There He remained for seven months and then mother and son, who did not separate during this long process, returned to Spain, where Alex Lecquio has continued treatment.

From that moment any statement of one and the other about the disease triggers curiosity. During the first months, Alessandro Lequio's son had been informing about his evolution through social networks in a very punctual way and without ever specifying what type of cancer it was. After returning home in Madrid, first was Ana Obregón and then Alex Lequio who gave exclusive interviews to give details of when they realized the extent of the disease and how they had lived both the process of treatment. In These first interviews there was an economic component in order to recover some money from the expensive treatment followed by the young businessman and who has paid his mother. Then There have been many more statements aimed at helping and encouraging other people who may be in the same situation.

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Although mother and son have said that they are looking forward to closing this stage and not having to talk about cancer again, every program or interview they grant inevitably leads to the emergence of this issue. This has happened this week when the actress has visited the program of Roberto Vilar on TV gallega, Land Rober Tonai Show, where a More Relaxed Ana Obregón who never Answered about Alex's illness: "My son's nightmare is over".

A Few words with which he wanted to close the questions about the health of Alex Lequio, which obviously is on the right track, and with which he changed his record to immerse in the program of humour and show with his anecdotes and attitude that the good humor has VU Elto to your family and that the threat of cancer is beginning to fall into the background.

In The course of the program, Ana Obregón demonstrated her current good state by accepting the presenter's jokes and following her uninhibited tone. Unveiled who met King Juan Carlos in a nightclub many years ago and joked about his relationship with Antonia Dell'Atte, the tempestuous Italian who was the wife of Alessandro Lequio when it was discovered that Obregón and he kept a sentimental relationship that was the Cause of the breakup of the couple. "Antonia says she adores you," the program's driver told the actress simulating that the Italian model had called live. To which Ana Obregón, jokingly, replied: "Man No, Antonia does not call. Surely not. " And with the same humor but without passing the chance to throw a dart at his old opponent ended: "Well, if you've paid you may call."

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