Auction the old and forgotten private jet Elvis Presley: Photos

Writing BLes-One of the three private and personalized airplanes of the legendary star of the years 50, Elvis Presley, goes to auction. He's the only one of the three that was in private hands for 35 years. 

Velvet seats, gold-plated details, red carpeting and a melancholy aroma of the splendor of a time, turned this Lockheed Jet of 1962 into a major tourist attraction while being exposed to the public in Roswell, New Mexico.

Now, although still operational, its exclusivity and luxury has vanished almost completely. The auction house that offers it knows that this plane will not fly again, who buys it surely, captive of nostalgia, not change anything and probably its destiny is to be exhibited as silent witness of the glamour of other times.

Gold plated details of Elvis Presley's private Jet the cockpit and the co-driver have been punished for time and Oblivion the seats are upholstered in red velvet Detail of the bathroom Overview of the Cabin The apparatus could fly, but putting it into operation would cost an important sum of money