Belén Rueda reveals that she did not like her daughter to be an actress

It is neither new nor surprising, but it is curious how the profession of parents influences many times to mark the path of children in the world of work. It happens in all professions, and the scope of the show is no exception. In recent weeks have emerged several new aspiring stars on the national scene with parents already professionally established in the middle to which they aspire. The last has been Belén Écija, daughter of the actress Belén Rueda and the producer and director Daniel Écija.

Bethlehem, 24, is the eldest of the three daughters of the couple who separated in 2004: Mary — who died when she had not yet completed two years because of a heart problem — and Lucia, who is currently 19 years old. This Monday mother and daughter were presented together at the Gala awards ceremony of the Union of actors in Madrid and his presence made it clear that Belén Écija is willing to open his way as an actress.

His first important work – after having formed in the studio Corazza, one of the most prestigious schools of interpretation in Spain – will be in the hands of his own father. Bethlehem is part of the cast of the fence, an original idea of Daniel Écija that is being recorded for Antena 3 and has been produced in collaboration with Goog Mood and Globomedia. It is a drama set in Spain of 2045, a country ruled by a dictatorial regime, the system that has been imposed on what was once democracies because of the scarcity of natural resources. A story of survival, treachery, great secrets and a crime that counts within the cast with Unax Ugalde, Angela Molina and Olivia Molina, another mother and daughter dedicated to interpretation.

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Belén Écija studied Audiovisual communication at the San Pablo CEU University and for a year at Iona College in new York, but has finally decided on the world of interpretation. His mother, Belén Rueda, said that at first he was not particularly excited about his daughter's decision: "They are attracted to the spotlight, the red carpets... But she knows all that has been behind it, "he said precisely on the red carpet of the Actors Union awards.

Rueda confessed that she is more nervous about the premiere of her daughter than for her own work in Mothers, the series that began recording in February for Telecinco. "Although at first you think, ' Ay, no, ' continued the actress explaining the way she decided to take her daughter," then it seems logical. The only thing I said was that I knew what this was, 12 hours of work, it ended up... When you are studying your time you organize it as you want, when you are working, No. "

To Belén Écija It seems that neither that pressure nor the fear of comparing it with his famous mother have made him desist from his purpose, and after small works in three short films and three plays, he has dared, from the hand of his father , with an important production that has aspirations to be distributed in international media or platforms after its emission in Antena 3. The first step to changing your discreet anonymous life as a good student for a more visible profile.

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As her mother and sister Lucia, she is a lover of sports. In winter practice Snow Board and summer surfing, many times in Menorca, an island that is linked from childhood because it has been the place where he has veraneado with his parents, both when they went to the island together and when they have done separately. In love with the beach, and travel, always take advantage of what you can to escape with your group of friends always to tour places like Miami, Puerto Rico, Peru or Riviera Maya in Mexico.

His Instagram account attests to these tours but also to the love that binds her to her mother and sister. "The best gift of my life is her," she wrote about her mother months ago on this social network. The same affection that shows Inés, the daughter that Daniel Écija had two years ago with his new wife, Veronik Mendes. Among his friends are two other descendants of known characters of the art: Luna Serrat, granddaughter of the singer Joan Manuel Serrat; And Andrea Molina, daughter of actress Lydia Bosch and Micky Molina, another daughter of famous interpreter who has also shown interest in following the artistic footsteps of her mother.

Stella del Carmen, daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith; Or Dora Postigo, daughter of the missing Bimba Bose and musician Diego Postigo, are some of the most recent additions to the world of the children of famous actors and musicians who want to follow the footsteps of their parents.

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