Cardi B, the woman who combines controversy with musical successes

2018 was a complicated year for Cardi B. In parallel with professional successes, the rapper went through a postpartum depression, one of the most public fights in the industry and the separation — and then reconciliation — of her husband, Offset, when she was married only a Year. But everything he did in the same way he has faced all the bitter drinks of his life, with his head very high.

The artist's beginnings, 26 years old, were not conventional. Born in New York in 1992, with a mother originally from Trinidad and Tobago and a Dominican father, Belcalis Almánzar — his real name — passed a youth away from his own will. As he confessed to GQ Magazine in April 2018, at the age of 16 he joined the Bloods American gang and soon after he left home to live with his boyfriend then. Seeing no money and involved in an abusive relationship, he became a stripper , a profession he practiced for five years and never kept secret. "Many people talk negatively about it, but it saved me from a lot of things," he said in 2016 to the VladTV news portal.

Cardi B, durante su actuación en los American Music Awards el pasado octubre.Enlarge photo Cardi B, during his performance at the American Music Awards last October. Matt Sayles AP

His situation changed in 2015 when he was selected for the VH1 Love & Hip Hop reality show : New York, a program that followed the lives of people who were in one way or another involved in the world of hip hop. In 2017 she was hired by the label Atlantic Records and shortly thereafter launched her first single, Bodak Yellow. Instantly the song was a success in the music lists, even to unseat popular songs like slowly, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and Look What you made me do, by Taylor Swift. The single was followed by the launch of its first — and so far unique — disco, Invasion of Privacy, which not only achieved double platinum in sales and was one of the most successful debut discs in history, but exalted as one of the benchmarks of female rap .

In the personal sphere the artist also went through great moments, marked especially by the birth of his daughter Kulture, in July, and the postpartum depression with which he had to deal shortly thereafter. "I thought I was going to get away," the rapper confessed to the Harper´s Bazaar magazine last week. "When I gave birth, the doctor told me about the postpartum, but I thought, ' I'm fine now, so I don't think it happens. ' Suddenly, the world came over me, "he said.

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His maternity also ended the U.S. tour with Bruno Mars, as he understood that taking Kulture from one side to another was not the best for either. But what could have been a major setback in his career was nothing more than an anecdote on the way. In fact, in the following months, Cardi B was interspersing musical successes with media polemics that quickly turned it into one of the favorite themes of the tabloids.

One of them was the fight between her and also singer Nicki Minaj at the annual festival of Harper´s Bazaar during new York Fashion Week in September. According to the news portal TMZ, Cardi rebuked to Minaj, but was detained by the singer's bodyguards. Finally, the New Yorker threw one of his heels, although he did not hit his adversary. "I've let you insult me behind my back, lying about me... But as you mention my daughter, give your approval to certain comments on my facet of mother or make your own comments on my ability to take care of my daughter, then I run out of patience, "wrote later Cardi to his more than 40 million followers in in Stagram, in an attempt to explain the reasons for the altercation.

This was not the first time that the artist turned to social networks to make clear their positions. In the past he had already had problems with the also rapper Azealia Banks and more recently criticized the closure of the government of Donald Trump and fought in a discussion with the host of the Fox Tomi Lahren channel. A recurring practice which, in his own words, is trying to leave. "I've noticed that every time I answer, I just worse things, so I got over it. I do not need it and the truth is that only brings chaos to my brain, "said the singer in the interview with Harper´s Bazaar.

Cardi B, junto a su esposo Offset, al recibir su premio Grammy este domingo.Enlarge photo Cardi B, with her husband Offset, receiving her Grammy award this Sunday. Matt Sayles AP

But without a doubt, one of the biggest mishaps that the interpreter had to deal with was the instability of his marriage with Offset. The couple began to leave in 2017 and in September of that year decided to marry in a secret ceremony. Less than a year later they welcomed his daughter and little by little, rumors of infidelity on the part of the artist gradually increased. Finally, it was in December when the New Yorker confirmed the separation. After weeks of comings and goings, including a surprise appearance of Offset in one of the concerts of cardi with a floral arrangement in which you could read "Take Me Back", the marriage has confirmed their reconciliation. "I don't understand the [people's] obsession, it's like all we do is a big event. (...) We're taking things easy. We have a baby and she is our priority right now, "he told People magazine recently.

All this rollercoaster of successes and emotions had its peak last Sunday, when Cardi B was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, a category in which never before a woman had emerged victorious. "I can't breathe," they were the first words the artist said when she went up on stage, revealing both her unbelief and her nervousness about being there. He then went on to explain how in record time he had finished the winning album and had recorded the video clips before his pregnancy started noticing. A few words that may go unnoticed for some, but not only summarize the hard year that the rapper has had to face, but they position it as an example of mother who makes up the impossible to combine this role with that of a career of success and , against all odds, to go triumphant.

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