Carlos Sobera reveals the stroke his wife suffered

Carlos Sobera has talked about the state of health of his wife, theatrical producer Patricia Santamarina, who suffered a stroke last February. The actor and presenter Vizcaino, of 58 years, went last Sunday to the Viva la vida (Telecinco) program to talk about his new television challenge with the presentation of the Survivor program and told the scare he suffered only a few months ago, when his Wife had to be admitted urgently. "He Suffered a stroke last February 4. It Was A small bleeding caused by a cavernoma and had to be admitted emergency, was in the UVI and remained in three weeks, said Sobera.

"It Was a hard process because at the beginning the doctors do not end up giving you the key exactly what is happening and what can happen, but from the sixth or seventh day, we were all calmer. Especially since we started to see that she reacted well, that drained the blood well and that there was no kind of side effect, which is always the fear that you have when you suffer a spill, "he added.

A Few intense days where the fear was very present in the couple. "What will happen to you, you'll lose speech, mobility? There Are people who unfortunately lose their lives, "he said they wondered. However, three months later, his wife is "fantastic." "Now He has the same quickness and mental agility as ever. He messes with me like he always Does and still loves me as usual. I have realized that life must be lived in a very intense way, and at every moment, because you never know what can happen to you the next day. In cases like Patricia you get tantrums, because they are very healthy people, very young and do not explain why this happens, "he said. Santamarina already makes a normal life but his condition is being studied by physicians of the hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid) to determine the procedure to follow.

Patricia Santamarina, Director general of Arequipa Producciones — producer of El Ministro, the last theatrical montage that starred in the presenter — And Carlos Sobera were married in a discreet civil ceremony In The Riviera Maya, in Mexico, in 2015, after Of almost a decade together. With them traveled the daughter they have in common, Natalia, nine years, and Arianna, the daughter that Santamarina had 20 years ago with Rody Aragón.

In The Professional field, Carlos Sobera seems more than settled in Mediaset. Along with the successful First dates Dating program that presents Daily in four and see you again, the format of reunions and surprises That leads weekly in Telecinco, the presenter of competitions is now added to the team of Survivors. With the Baja of Jorge Javier Vázquez following the stroke he suffered a month ago and the disappearance of Sandra Barneda from the grid of reality, Lara Alvarez will Continue in Honduras And Jordi Gonzalez will be at the forefront of the Sunday debate. The work of Carlos Sobera will present the weekly gala that will be issued in Cuatro, a strategy of Mediaset that goes through dividing the star format to try to trace the audiences of this channel.

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