Carlota Casiraghi denies his breakup with Dimitri Rassam in a statement

The Spanish magazineHello! announced last week the breakup between Carlota Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, which echoed many international media, including this newspaper. Now, Princess Monegasque and the film producer have published a press release in which they deny it. The note says: "Miss Carlota Casiraghi and Mr. Dimitri Rassam, harassed by the newspapers, make a formal denial of any rumour of unfounded separation circulating on them. The information, cynical and false, is simple: to create conflict of a situation that neither is nor never has been, with the intention of profitable it, because the announcement of a separation is always a good motivation to buy. Given the harmfulness of this rumor to themselves, their minor children and their loved ones, they agreed to ask their lawyer to initiate any legal proceedings. "

The statement has been published on Twitter by the French journalist specializing in film and society issues Jean-François Guyot, news agency France-Presse. He assures that the note has been given to him by the press officer of the couple, Dominique Segall.

Three months after the birth of his little son, Carlota Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam have not decided to finish their love story, which began in 2017 and they made official on the red carpet of the César awards in February 2018.

Casiraghi and Rassam became parents of a child, born in the Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco, on October 23, 2018. Princess Carolina of Monaco, mother of Carlota, and actress Carole Bouquet, mother of the film producer, shared "their joy" of becoming grandmothers again in a statement.

Casiraghi is already the mother of Raphaël, 5 years, fruit of his love story with the actor and comedian Gad Elmaleh. As for Dimitri Rassam, he is the father of a small Darya, 7 years old, born of his union with the model Masha Novoselova.

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