Carmen Martínez-Bordiú denies his problems with the Treasury and argues that everything was due to a disparity of criteria

Hours after it was known that the granddaughter of dictator Francisco Franco, Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, will have to pay 525,063.96 euros to the tax agency, this has issued a statement in which it gives its version of what happened. It is about taxes that the Duchess of Franco stopped paying when, after the sale in 2006 of some shares that he had inherited from his mother, he bought a series of properties in Cantabria and made the income statement reducing the taxable profit base from 6700 Euro lones to 57,209 euros. The sentence, dictated last March and advanced by Infolibre in which the fourth section of the contentious administrative, dismisses the claim of Martínez-Bordiú to annul the penalty imposed on him in 2011 after an inspection of his income tax returns of The years 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Martínez-Bordiú, in his statement says: "I have not been convicted by the Commission of any offense or administrative infringement and also I have no debt to the tax agency. I repeat that I am aware of my tax obligations. "  He adds: "It is not true that he has been sentenced to pay any sanctions in favor of the tax agency as it is secured in the media. I clarify that in my income tax return of 2006 and 2007 I declared all the equity gains obtained by the sale of shares, today to some bonuses referred to in the law of income tax. The tax agency interpreted that it was not accredited to comply with all the requirements laid down in the standard for the application of such a bonus and in defense of my rights turned this criterion ".

Yes admin The dictator's granddaughter that there was "administrative controversy" that ended by judgment of the national hearing of March 7, 2018, which confirms the criterion of the tax agency. " Of course, it is a dismissal of my resources, but it has not meant the imposition of any sanctions, because the administration did not appreciate the Commission of any tax infringement on my part and therefore there has been no fraud or tax evasion, as Insinuates in ill-intentioned press releases. "  According to its version "We are faced with rules that generate a lot of controversy and are especially complex, my performance has been absolutely covered in a reasonable interpretation of the norm and the room itself has come to recognize in the judgement the complexity of the situation, by expressly stating in the fifth right basis. I insist that I declared all amounts timely in form and time and I I welcomed to a bonus provided in the current tax regulations and also the tax debt, resulting from the regularization practiced, was fully paid, without At no time have you entered the executive track, so no amount is owed. I reiterate that the tax administration appreciated that there was no constitutive conduct of tax infringement, as reflected in the Settlement agreement, ratified by the national hearing, which makes the following: 'based on The facts and circumstances of whose reflex is recorded in the file, and in the opinion of the actuary undersigned, there are no indications of the commission of tax offences established in article 183 of Law 58/2003, of December 17, General tax , because given the complexity of the rules used in the declaration of equity gain, and the fact that the proposal for regularization is based on the qualification of the leasing activity as a generator of real estate capital yields, rather Of yields of economic activity, as well as in the interpretation of legal norms in a way contrary to that maintained by the taxpayer, without that the latter deserves the adjective of irrational, one does not appreciate in the behavior of the taxpayer the Subjective element of guilt required in a constituent conduct of tax infringement. "

Martínez-Bordiú concludes. "Therefore, the manifestations expressed by the media are utterly distorted and insidious. That is why I am obliged to issue this communiqué, reservándome the legal actions that proceed in the face of those who continue to attack and manipulate the truth. "