Carmen Maura does not believe half of the actresses who claim to have been raped

Carmen Maura has never been silent and her sincerity has earned love and hatred for equal parts in the Spanish cinematographic panorama. In recent months, the protagonist of the Witches of Zugarramurdi or women on the verge of a nervous Breakdown, has shelled a good part of their personal and professional truths in a documentary called Ay, Carmen! in which he spoke of his Family, his friends and his comings and goings with Pedro Almodóvar.

Now it is an interview that returns to the fore, because it reflects, and not just to leave them well, about the movement or positive discrimination, which considers "humiliating." In a talk with the supplement XL weekly last Sunday, the actress, 73 years, makes see through his statements that feminism is an exaggeration and that sensitivity is too fine, and also believes that a good part of the actresses who have spoken of Your sexual abuses have lied.

"That all of a sudden everyone is aiming to say that they have been raped... Well, they'd have said it before. The truth is that half of them do not believe me, honestly, "said Maura on sexual harassment cases that have been shaking the world of entertainment for more than a year. She, who also counted that she was raped and how hard the subsequent process was, instead, he prefers not to talk about the matter personally: "That subject has me fried already, I get tired of talking about the same thing because, besides, it is not even the worst thing that has happened to me in life."

For her, the motion is "an exaggeration." "We're going to kill the guys," he says. "There will come a time when everyone will prefer to be homosexual and leave us alone," he says in laughter. "It seems to Me that everything is driven to exaggeration. He is being abused on the subject that the guys are acojonando in an incredible way. Now, a worker does not tell us a compliment from a scaffold or joke, "says The Sunday supplement.

For example, he states that today films like Pepi, Luci, Bom. .. would be criticized: "There would be demonstrations at the door of the cinema and we would be accused of machists. That is a small demonstration of the extent to which it is not to be passed. " Something similar thinks about Pedro Sánchez and his government, eminently female. "When I saw the photo of Sanchez, all surrounded by girls, I laughed enough: one thing is one thing and another... pass," he says, because he believes that "everything must be done with a sense of measure."

"I don't like positive discrimination at all," says Rotunda. "That forcing ten girls into such positions seems humiliating to me. Maybe there's not even ten, there's got to be twenty, because that's what it takes if there's no guy better than them. We do not need quotas, we need to be heard, respected and accounted for. Positive discrimination seems quite humiliating to me, being frank. "

Maura says he is becoming "more demanding" with his work. In addition, he also talks about the new generations: "The daughters of now are much older than us. [...] I hallucinate how my son treats my granddaughter. And the girls who have now twenties... are old! " Maura, who lives next to his miniyorkshire Rita on horseback between his house in Madrid and his apartment in Paris, claims to be delighted "not to be in love and not have to put any man in the house."

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