Pain And Glory, Almodóvar's new film, is more than a movie. It Is A catharsis of its author, but also of its spectators. In A global moment where everything is conflict and tension, the nudity, openness and beauty of this film crosses the eyes of all its interpreters, with an intimate and beautiful Antonio Flags, that moves and relieves, pain and glory, telling the life of a generation That changed Spain and discovering the past as if it were another new world. It'S The return of Almodóvar to his first wish.

The premiere was celebrated with much of the talent of Almodovarianafilmography, its colors and soundtrack. Almodóvar warned us at the beginning of the party at Joy Eslava. "Wait ' cause it's worth the show." Leonor Watling and Asier Etxeandia presented their versions of two great hits Of Chavela Vargas, Followed By Hugo Silva in the Suit of lethal, the transvestite Who Interpreted Miguel Bose In distant heels, and thereafter playback after playback Euforizándonos until the director went on stage Next to Banderas and interpreted I will resist, the hymn with Which he closes tie. From the bottom of the theater was heard a voice, was Loles Lion, crossing the room to get to the stage and climb to him to surprise the director and everyone and sing like nobody. Resisting like no one.

Zinedine Zidane has resisted and returns to Real Madrid possibly for his rescue, but also to fully support the skinny trousers in the fight for their survival. We All know that the tight clothing yields to the unequivocal advance of the wide clothing that has taken the street ready to finish with the narrowness of the jeggin. It May be that for the Spanish male to sheathe those squeezed pants, suffocating any attempt at imagination, is a struggle, a new epic. Another pain And Glory. Show ass and thigh, like a sign of new masculinity. And Zinedine has captured that message and in his comeback turned it into catharsis. He can, he's splendid. Face, body, ass and sure as well strategy. And for the message to go farther, his skinny trousers wore a XL hem that climbed beyond the twins. They have criticized Them in some press, pointing as ridiculous and mean the end of moderation. But No, they're wrong. The costumes are now from Zidane and have a good budget, 12 million salary per season, to do what you consider. And It will be a demonstration of elasticity.

Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz y Antonio Banderas en el estreno de 'Dolor y Gloria', en Madrid, el pasado miércoles.Enlarge photo Pedro Almodóvar, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas at the premiere of ' Dolor y Gloria ', in Madrid, last Wednesday. SERGIO PEREZ REUTERS

Neither Almodóvar nor Zidane are clonable, just the opposite of Melania Trump. The American Press has raised the theory that the president uses his wife's doubles in certain situations. There Are suspicions that the Melania who accompanied Trump during a recent visit to Alabama is a double. Insist that the hair is wig and the descent by ladder Air Force One does not respond to his usual body language. The theory ensures that there are four or five Melanias, including the real one. Of course, there is a subtitle in this theory: that Melania is not next to your husband, which can be true and even accurate. The more complicated the presidency, the more elusive it is Melania, hidden among imitations.

The White House Shouldn't be easy. How hard a house can be for a politician! If not ask Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, happy parents but restless owners. It Seems that Albert Rivera and Malú seek nest, in one of those remote and protegidísimas urbanizations of rich and famous on the outskirts of Madrid. I Follow a lot of this love story in electoral times. Malú is ceasing to attend acts so as not to attract attention and recover from his ankle injury. I Suspect that by more Citizens voters in those impeccable Florida gardens or on The Farm, the media attention that nests in the couple will make those same voters choose another candidate who is not among their neighbors. Besides, the vote today is very volatile, like gasoline. That's Why Rivera, with or without Malú, should go back to the center. To Return, as Mecano says, to the city air, that although it is not the healthiest, the human being prefers. That'S what Zinedine Zidane has done.

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