Charles of England promises that he will stop "meddling" when he is king

The heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles, has not been fortunate that had his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who began to reign so young that barely had time to comment on anything before diving into the rigorous constitutional neutrality imposed by the office. The Prince of Wales will meet 70 years next Wednesday, and has had decades to get into all the puddles. Famous are his letters, to the ministers of successive governments that he has seen pass, lavish of recommendations or unsolicited demands. The environment, the dangers of the advances of science for moral values, the situation of the slums of the big cities, the ugliness of contemporary architecture or the poor quality of school canteens, the heir has endeavored, With more or less success, in proving that he was a man involved with his time.

The prince has admitted in a documentary that will stop talking about the issues he has always defended when he is king because he considers that being heir to the British throne and head of state are two different functions. The BBC broadcast on Thursday night a documentary about the Prince of Wales, on the occasion of his birthday, and some excerpts from the program, as statements from the heir to the throne and other members of the royal family, have already been advanced.

In the documentary of the British broadcaster, Isabel II's eldest son — heir to the throne since the age of four — said that he is "not so stupid" as to continue to acting as he has so far on certain matters while he is a monarch.

The heir to the throne assured that, when it happens to his mother, he will act within the "Constitutional parameters". "I have tried to ensure that everything I have done has been politically non-partisan, and I think it is vital to remember that there is only room for one sovereign at a time, not two. So you cannot be the same as the sovereign if you are the Prince of Wales or the heir, "he added.

Carlos de Inglaterra y Camilla Parker-Bowles, junto a la reina Isabel II, en el palacio de Buckingham, el pasado julio.Enlarge photo Charles of England and Camilla Parker-Bowles, together with Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace last July. TOLGA AKMEN AFP

The Prince of Wales emphasized that the idea of continuing to speak when he accessed the crown "is totally a misconception." "No, I won't. I'm not that stupid. I realize that being sovereign is a separate exercise. So, of course I totally understand how that should work, "he answered.

In addition, the Prince defended in his statements works that he has encouraged, like the organization The Prince Trust, which helps young people with scarce resources to find work. "If meddling is to worry about (the precarious situation) of the cities of the interior (of the country) as I did 40 years ago (...) and the conditions in which people were living. If that means meddling, (then) I'm proud, "he added.

The documentary shows images of his activities at his home in Highgrove, in Gloucestershire (west England), where he is seen collecting eggs and feeding his hens, and fulfilling official commitments, as a visit to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to To highlight the problem of climate change.

In the program, his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, stated that Carlos always felt like helping and admitted that he is "quite impatient", because he wants things to be done quickly. Camilla stresses that he has "this passion to really help. He'd like to save the world. "

Prince Charles ' eldest son, William of England, the Duke of Cambridge, revealed in the documentary that he would like his father to spend more time with his three children – the Princes Jorge, Carlota and Luis – because he is a "fantastic" grandfather and added that he could have more Time at home would be "wonderful" to play with the little ones.

His youngest son, Henry of England, the Duke of Sussex, praised his father for accompanying his wife, the American Meghan Marke, and carrying her arm in the chapel on the day of his wedding, last May in Windsor (on the outskirts of London) , by the absence of his father, Thomas Marke. "I asked him and I think he was coming, and he immediately said ' Yes, of course. ' I will do whatever Meghan needs and I will be there to support you, "said Prince Henry.

The documentary, one hour long, carries the title of Prince, son and heir: Carlos at 70.

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