Chris Pratt, Harrison Ford's ' heir '

"My son still does not see in me a superhero," says the recently divorced actor

El actor Chris Pratt.  GTRESActor Chris Pratt. GTRES

Never a diet helped an actor so much. Chris Pratt knows that. And as it is, plain affable and honest besides superstar is the first to recognize the benefits that has brought his physical transformation. "I had become accustomed to a very comfortable job as a secondary and with which I earned them all," recalls the actor to the country. Many see Pratt as the new Harrison Ford.

Nor was this when he made a name like the Buenazo a little simpleton who played in the series Parks and Recreation. It simply did not have the body of superhero that now looks for the saga Guardians of the Galaxy and especially for Jurassic World and now its continuation, the Fallen Kingdom, in which it works under the orders of the Spaniard J.A. Bayona.

It was a stroke of luck for a comedian with ambition that you could expect from anything but to become one of the great Hollywood men. Among the hundred characters of the year as decided by Time magazine in 2015 or among the most attractive according to People. "My son still doesn't believe it. Still does not see in me a superhero, "he says accustomed to Jack, his only son, do not see him with the admiration that the rest of his followers profess. He's only five years old, after all.

Pratt, en el estreno de 'Jurassic World, el reino caído'.Pratt, at the premiere of ' Jurassic World, the Fallen kingdom '. GTRESONLINE

There is something refreshing in Pratt that the size of his fame or his muscles has not yet malleaded. Perhaps because it has only been five years since James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy described him in private as "the chubby who spends the day falling from Parks and recreation." And not much more since he was told no to any attempt to do anything outside of comedy. "Nobody took me seriously," he recalls about his failed attempts to star Trek or Avatar. "It never occurred to us that it was going to be the star in which it has become," recalls the director and now producer of the Fallen Kingdom, Colin Trevorrow.

His life sounds like a movie. Born in Minnesota (USA), his first vocational memory goes back to the day he said he wanted to be famous and earn tons of money doing nothing. At first he fulfilled only the last, living in Hawaii without a roof over his head and smoking marijuana. There's still a bit of that surfer air in his new superhero body. And as a good screenplay, his story also has bitter moments. Married in 2009 with the also humorist Anna Faris in what seemed like an ideal couple the marriage came to an end last August. "Divorce is crap," Pratt declared recently without a filter. So now he doesn't want to keep talking about the subject and any conversation about his life is out of the interview. Probably order of his team of advertisers, the same who has put a couple of bodyguards during the round of interviews. "I don't know where they come from either," he jokes. "I suppose to save my life if a madman appears though I'm afraid it's to get on time to the sites because if I don't stop with everyone. But what makes me feel important? "he laughs at his fame.

In an industry that cries out for gender equality, Pratt is the best example. The pressure he feels to keep the line, especially in those torn-shirt and chest-to-air scenes, is similar to any actress. There's only one thing that kills him when he keeps the guy: his son. "I can stand the desire for pizza or beer but as I cook for my son, as left half on the plate, I get to finish his pancakes or potatoes without noticing," he chiva. There's still something normal under this new hero on the screen.

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