Cindy Crawford makes the competition to Isabel Preysler

Isabel Preysler is no longer the only one who reigns in the universe of Spanish signature bathrooms. The Model Cindy Crawford is since 2017 the image and Ambassador of the firm Silestone by Cosentino in the United States and, as Preysler, feels "part of the family Cosentino", the owner of the brand and one of the great Spanish fortunes.

The family business of Spanish origin, specializing in patented materials for kitchens, bathrooms and architectural Solutions has recently inaugurated a store dedicated to the exhibition of their products in Los Angeles, in The middle of Beverly Boulevard and there was To support the event Cindy Crawford.

The 53-year-old American model did not merely pose and leave. Interested in decoration, fashion and lifestyle, as demonstrated throughout his long and successful career, Crawford actively participated in a talk on these issues during the opening of these facilities in which they have invested over a million and a half D and Euros. "I love being involved in renovation and decorating projects and Cosentino unites the world of fashion and design," he said during the event.

As in the case of Isabel Preysler with the firm Porcelanosa, the link that has been created between her and the Spanish family business goes beyond the commercial relationship and the model has assured that "from the beginning of our alliance, I felt an instant connection with the F Amilia and his project. "

Cosentino is a firm of Andalusian origin, as its owners, which has already expanded its idea around the world, with four exhibition centers in the United States and 12 around the world. Headquartered in Almería, its President Paco Cosentino, promotes work with young people and therefore has created scholarships so that they can study International Baccalaureate, training seminars for university students and educational forums. Aspects parallel to the brand that also interest the model and entrepreneur who represents them in the United States.

Cindy Crawford has surpassed that category that placed it in the Olympus of the models of the years 1990, when it was considered the model best paid of the world and, although it continues to March punctually, now it has become a businesswoman and ambassador of Marks that They report large numbers to their sound economy. Omega was his first major contract of this type, but after many others have followed him in that effort to "get more involved in the projects I did, put more of my part in the game," as she said. It has Also been image of Revlon and his interest in the world of beauty led him to create his own brand, Meaningful Beauty, something like Beauty with meaning. The Home is another of his concerns and in this field comes his collaboration with the Spanish firm: "The companies that seek me know the things that concern me," said Crawford in more than one interview. The décor and the house is one of them and proof of it is that in 2005 it founded the brand Cindy Crawford Home Collection that sells furniture in Canada and the United States and that invoice 250 million of dollars per year.

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