Doris Day will have no funeral, no grave for his desire

Doris Day died this Monday at 97 years old but in the retina of his admirers the Hollywood star was still that adorable blonde of perennial smile and indefinite age that made them laugh and dream in pink when they peeked at the big screen with their comedies Románti CAs of the golden age of the Mecca of cinema. She has had to accept that the passage of time inevitably led to a vital end that in her case has been late and has reached 97 years. His relationship with death was to deny it, to look the other way. For this reason, those who knew her were not surprised that she had kept her position beyond her own end and specified in her will that she did not want "any funeral, any monument or any grave", as Bob Bashar, his representative and friend, revealed to the PeopleMagazine.

Bashar has explained that Doris Day "did not like death, or talk about a possible funeral." A maxim that was worth as much for her as for the people or animals she wanted. His representative specified that Day was not even able to deal with the issue of death in relation to his dogs. "I told him we'd have to think what to do with them if she died, and her answer was, ' I don't want to think about that. Well, just take care of them. "

The actress and singer was always a staunch defender of the animals and grew up in Catholicism and practiced it. But he moved away from institutional religion after the death of his husband, producer Martin Melcher, in 1968. Although she continued to declare herself a spiritual person and believed in a god who had given her the voice: "God gave me a voice and I used it," said the artist.

Bob Bashara believes that the reason Doris Day has chosen to say goodbye to the world without funerals or fanfare is that "he was a very shy person." "He never let his fame affect him and he always felt like the girl from Cincinnati, who had a talent and went out into the world and did what he loved to do." According to the friend who took care of his affairs for years, he knew that people loved her and it meant a lot to her, but she didn't understand why.

Bashara has also specified that Doris Day's assets would be donated to charities, as it has also been established and that one of them will be that which she created in 1978: The Doris Day Animal Foundation. For those who in spite of everything want to pay homage, whether they are friends or fans, their representative encourages to visit the Web

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