Elton John tells how Christmas and a piano changed his life

Elton John's life has become a Christmas announcement for the John Lewis chain of stores. The legend of the music is the star of an announcement made by this firm that has spent 7 million pounds and which tells the story of how the singer triumphed after receiving as a Christmas gift his first piano when he was only 4 years. The singer has been paid 5 million pounds for starring in the spot to be broadcast in the next few hours in an unprecedented campaign.

The mini-biopic, based on your success of 1970 your Song, shows how a gift can change a life and ends with a 4-year-old Elton who unfolds his first piano on Christmas Day while thinking of his mother Sheila, who died last year at 92 years. All this with the slogan: "Some gifts are more than a gift."

For the announcement were used five actors between 4 and 50 years that gave life to Sir Elton, using prostheses and worked characterizations. For this they counted the specialists with the help of the star and of her husband David Furnish who made sure that the interpreters had the same manners and the style of playing the piano.

The spectators of the ad travel in the filming key moments of his life with scenes of the star in stadium tours, traveling on a private plane, recording your Song, playing the piano in a local pub and performing at a school recital. The video ends with the singer, played by Reg Dwight, running up the stairs on Christmas morning to see his grandmother Ivy and her mother, who raised him together because his father, Stanley, was absent in large part.

John Lewis has said that the announcement is "inspired by real events," but admits that the end implies "some creativity" because the singer never received a piano at Christmas, but he did learn to play in his grandmother's house.

Despite the heartwarming story, some fans of this firm who have almost always opted for stuffed animals for their Christmas ads, are disappointed that the star has finished with Montie, the Penguin and Moz, the monster. In 2010 John Lewis also bet for his Christmas promotions by singer Ellie Goulding.

The announcement pays homage to Elton's mother and the influence she had in her career almost a year after her death last December. The singer explained that she was an inspiration to him, but they were angry for eight years before he was reconciled two years before he died. Apparently, Elton cut off all contact with her after a discussion in which he blamed the singer's husband, David Furnish, to turn against her. He was also upset because the musician demanded that he cut all ties with his old friends Bob Halley and John Reid, who had been fired from his team after decades of working for him.

But on his 90 birthday, the singer sent Sheila a large bouquet of white orchids and also paid for his hip operation. When two years later he died, he spoke of his sorrow and also of the happiness of having had time to reconcile himself.

Rumors came in September that Sir Elton had agreed to participate in this project, but John Lewis denied that he had been paid 5 million pounds. They also said that some of their fees were donated to charitable organizations. The musician said this Thursday: "The Christmas campaign of John Lewis has many memories for me and my family. It has been a beautiful opportunity to reflect on my life, the incredible trip I've been to, and how to play my grandmother's piano for the first time marks the moment the music came into my life. The announcement is absolutely fantastic. "

Her husband, David Furnish, who was involved in the production of the announcement, said: "I think Elton has enjoyed the process of doing this tremendously."

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