Enrique Iglesias: "Since I'm a father I have a hard time going on tour"

That paternity has changed to Enrique Iglesias no longer seems new. Since the Spanish singer and his partner, the Russian Extennis player Anna Kounikova, were parents of twins in mid-December 2017 the two have changed their way of being and also their way of showing themselves to the public. Before, discretion reigned over his private life; Now, they both presume to be proud of their little ones and do not hesitate to translate it into social networks. And so great is the love that the dancing interpreter feels for his babies who, he recognizes, has a hard time separating from them to continue with his tours and professional commitments. "Now that I have children, I have babies, I have a hard time traveling," said Iglesias, aged 43, in an interview with the U.S. television network's a New Dayprogram, Telemundo. "Everything revolves around them," he added.

Churches and Kournikova, who shielded their image during pregnancy, have published different photographs with their little Lucy and Nicholas on Instagram or Facebook, almost always at home. Already in mid-June, the singer claimed on fatherhood, that "the first and most important" for him "is to be a good father." "My intention is to educate them properly. As long as they are good children, be healthy and enjoy life... " For churches, taking care of the public exposure of their children is a priority issue, as in their childhood had a great presence to be the son of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias.

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Despite the nostalgia he feels when he is away from his family, Iglesias has already scheduled several concerts away from his home in Miami for the last few months, and between 30 September and 11 November will act in Ukraine, Ireland, England, Bulgaria , Belgium, Holland and France.

The singer, who will give two concerts at the Caesar Palace Theater in Las Vegas on 15 and 16 September in the framework of the celebrations of Mexico's independence in the city, said that still draws attention to the enthusiasm of his followers. "I am still surprised that someone wants to touch me, that someone waits in a hotel an hour, a day, to see me, to take a picture with me, to give me a kiss," he explained.

For this reason, he explained, he was so close to attendees, mostly female audiences, during the concerts. "It moves Me a lot," he stressed to explain that it is one of the things that have not changed since 1995, when he came out on the public scene with his song Religious Experience.

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Nor, he said, "fear of failure" has yet disappeared, although he claims he already sees it as a positive thing. "I enjoy failure. Feeds Me. " And the son of Julio Iglesias said that it gives "more desire to continue fighting and continue in the search for that song" that is special. In that sense, he indicated that his main beacon is his own opinion and intuition, because others "can confuse you." "I prefer that mistakes, if any, are mine alone" and reiterated that one of the collaborators with whom he enjoys the most when working is Pitbull, with whom he has taken some of his main successes, including the recent Move to Miami.