Estefanía's little daughter from Monaco is discovered in Instagram

The youngest of the children of Princess Estefanía of Monaco, Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb, has shown to be a great fan of social networks. The young woman, who on July 15th served 20 years, has been reminded through her Instagram account, which has 55,000 followers. In addition to exposing images of his day to day, such as his holiday or his birthday party, he has decided to use the "Ask me a question" function of the social network to reveal aspects of his life so far little known, that the magazine Hello and the French medium Purepeople were able to collect.

Camille Gottlieb has discovered all kinds of aspects about his life, from the most intimate to the most public, and has used to quell the rumors about a possible relationship with the footballer of Paris Saint-Germain, Kylaian Mbappé, who met in May 2017 When he played at a. S. Monaco. "Are the rumors of Mbappe true?" They asked him, to which he said emphatically: "No, and this is the last time I answer these issues." The image that Camille shared then in her account of Instagram, accompanied by a message with the surname of the footballer and a heart, unleashed the rumors. Both coincided in the gardens of the Palace of Monaco during the reception that the Princes Alberto and Charlene gave to all the players of the team after winning the French league after 17 years.


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Thanks to the Instagram questionnaire It is also known that Camille is single and that she does not have to fulfil certain obligations according to the Principality's protocol in her private life. He has also shown his most political facet, by ensuring that he would leave his privileges as a princess rather than stop defending animal rights. "I would rather deprive myself of certain things for animal welfare," replied the young woman who has in her farm several animals, including two elephants, to which she has saved. Nor has he hesitated to defend the LGTBI community. "I support the gay community at 10000%," he answered.

The young woman studies Communication in Nice (since last October), speaks three languages (French, Italian, English and is learning Russian). Other curious facets of his life are that he prefers pasta to pizza, between mozzarella cheese and goat cheese, chooses the first and is more chestnut with clear eyes than blond. His favorite movies are bad Girls, the Grinch and an Ideal man. He loves Every breath You take of the Police, Victoir de shy'm, and Shameless of the Weeknd. In addition to his most famous brothers, Louis and Paulina Ducret, sons also of Estefanía of Monaco, has two small brothers, Thomas and Maxime, on the part of his/her father.

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It is not the first time that Camille uses the social networks to make clear his ideas or to answer to his detractors. Two years ago he faced those who criticized her for her rhythm of life and for her physique. "I have found some very cruel comments in forums, blogs and other sites. Your insults, messages and reflections are ridiculous. I am not ' the daughter of Estefanía Grimaldi ', I am my mother's daughter, like any other person, ' he wrote in his Instagram account, where he had barely 15,000 followers.

Camille is the result of the relationship between Estefanía of Monaco and his bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb, with whom he did not get to marry, so that his daughter is not part of the line of succession to the throne of Monaco. Unlike his older siblings Louis (26) and Paulina Ducruet (24), who do form part of the Principality's successor line, she seemed to have played a secondary role in the family, at least in the face of the public. But Camille Gottlieb seems not to care much and is leaving strong signs that he has the same rebellious and energetic character of his mother, and that shares the elegant features of his grandmother, Princess Grace of Monaco.