Eugenia's great transformation from York for her wedding

In the late 1980s and early nineties, Diana of Wales and Sarah Ferguson were often left to see together, both for their friendship and mainly because they became brothers-in-law for their marriages to the two eldest sons of Isabel II, Carlos and Andrés. If Diana was the delicate one, always with a half-smile, the standard-bearer of the tendencies, Sarah triumphed by its constant laughter and its naturalness, and always made gala of a more informal and amusing style, closer to the street and less to the palate. A style, after all, according to his personality.

The daughters of Sarah Ferguson are these days in the public spotlight for the wedding of the minor, Eugenia, 28 years. Both have inherited from her mother that constant smile, besides, in the case of Beatriz, her abundant redheaded mane. Both have played with the adapting tendencies to their way of being and their style but without being fashion icons, as it has happened with those that today would be daughters of Diana, Kate Middleton and Meghan Marke that, besides, they are much more in the public spotlight by their positions in the royal House B Ritánica, of greater rank than Beatriz and Eugenia, who are on horseback between the monarchical activity and the public profile of celebrity.

Eugenia de York con distintos tocados en mayo de 2018 (en la boda de Enrique y Meghan Markle), junio de 2015 (en Ascot) y en junio de 2012 (también en Ascot).Enlarge photo Eugenia of York with different touches in May 2018 (at the wedding of Henry and Meghan Marke), June 2015 (at Ascot) and in June 2012 (also at Ascot). GTRESONLINE/GETTY

Both Beatriz and especially Eugenia, the bride, have varied their style and have sought a special refinement the last few months. The granddaughter of Isabel II, ninth in the line of succession to the throne, marries this Friday October 12 the Chapel of St. George, in the castle of Windsor. The young woman has made an important change in both her dress and her physique in recent years, but especially in recent months. An evolution that has become more obvious in the face of the link.

Along with his mother, accompanied by his sister or the hand of her boyfriend, the entrepreneur Jack Brooksbank, Eugenia has begun to opt for more current models and stuck to the trend, as well as hairstyles that remain formal but are less recharged. He opts for fun, but more discreet additions than those shocking touches that she and her sister took to Kate and William's wedding and with those who became a global meme.

Eugenia y Beatriz de York junto a su padre, el príncipe Andrés, en la boda del príncipe Guillermo y Kate Middleton, en abril de 2011.Eugenia and Beatriz of York with their father, Prince Andrew, at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, in April 2011. Chris Jackson Getty Images

Now, Eugenia opts for more modern ensembles: dressed in trousers underneath, caps instead of big Pamelas (like the one he wore at Enrique's wedding and Meghan Marke) and accessories with which he seeks to make a difference, such as eye-catching glasses or lips in intense color Red. In addition, for the wedding has lost weight in an obvious way, as has been seen in some images published by the English media these days, where you see the next bride much thinner than in previous photographs, as well as something more brunette and lighter hair.

Eugenia seems ready for the link. It has been seen these days finishing details, just like his older sister, which all points to be the bridesmaid of the wedding. A ceremony that does not generate high expectations in the United Kingdom: the BBC will not broadcast live and a group of citizens demands that the royal family take care of all the expenses it implies. We will have to wait until Friday to see the popular reception that has this link between the British people.

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