Gwyneth Paltrow gives the same criticism and insists that Goop is not "pseudoscience"

In her role as businesswoman, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has to face often the questioned methods of her health and wellness company, Goop. In this web (which also has some physical stores, like a recently opened in London) sells products that, at prices not cheap, promise miraculous results and not precisely because of its scientific rigor. In fact, there has been more than one problematic case: A university warned that its chicken recipe could give salmonella, a Canadian doctor said that it practiced dangerous pseudoscience and "nonsense therapies" and a few weeks ago had to pay a fine of 145,000 Dollars to sell some vaginal eggs whose effects were not the ones advertised.

Now, Paltrow, aged 46, has given an interview at the British BBC in which he has tried to defend the methods of his creation. In the talk, Paltrow ensures that Goop is not pseudoscience: "We are in complete disagreement with it."

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In the interview, the Oscar winner by Shakespeare in love drops that not everything that was told about his fine with the vaginal eggs is accurate and that they actually "never" have had "a complaint from a customer" and that as such have not "had to admit anything deli Ctivo ":" We just wanted to solve the issue and leave it behind. " "Now we have a whole control team, and a science and research team, and that's what they do. We often meet people who make claims about third-party products that we sell. So now all of this is very important to us now that we are growing and learning to make sure that what we advertise on the Web is good and effective. " It also justifies ensuring that "you have to learn to do your job, especially when you are a startup."

The interview has been severely criticized in networks by the British, who consider it a promotion of the brand of Paltrow and do not see it as a content suitable for the BBC. "How can they give broadcast time to promote such a business?"; "Dear BBC, please don't give broadcast time or help promote Paltrow and Goop. It's not really science, quacks like her are dangerous "; "Wow, Gwyneth Paltrow has got five free minutes on the BBC to advertise her hippieshop."

"We truly believe that there are models of healing that have existed for thousands of years," continues the interpreter in the talk, "and that may be a challenge, perhaps, for a very conventional Western physician who may not necessarily believe in the healing powers of Essential oils or in any variety of acupuncture, things that have been tested over and over for hundreds of years, "says the actress, for whom" the human body has an incredible power to heal itself. "

By the words of the actress, it seems that you take the questions that are made to Goop as a personal attack. "I think every time you try to do something interesting and empower the woman, you know, you find resistance. We simply believe that this is part of what we do and we are proud of it, "he says.

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