Gwyneth Paltrow reaches as businesswoman the cover of the ' Wall Street Journal '

Gwyneth Paltrow quickly passed from being one of Hollywood's most-quoted actresses — with Oscar included for her role in Love Shakespeare— to position herself as one of the most influential — and controversial — entrepreneurs in the world of wellness. For this reason, the Californian of 46 years stars in the last edition of the magazine of the Wall Street journal, where it counts the beginnings of its company Goop, its healthy life and how it tries to balance all this with its family life. "I felt that I had fulfilled the objectives that were expected of me," says Paltrow about his rapid ascent in the mecca of cinema. "I am very competitive with myself and I thought, ' Now what do I do? How do I continue to superándome myself? "he says.

The interpreter, who had its moment of boom in the late 90 and early 2000, grew up at a time when the brands began to see the benefits of collaborating with the great celebrities of entertainment, but in which still do not emerging the idea that Hubie RA stars women who will create their own companies, a pattern that the interpreter did not hesitate to break. "To be honest, I'm still not sure why I got into this. I think I've always had a business spirit, "admits the Californian. "In my life as an actress there was a clear way to go; Instead, this was a mysterious thing. He felt he was following a thread in a dark room, but was determined to keep walking, "he says.

From the beginning the actress focused her attention on the well-being, a business that moves more than 3.7 trillion euros a year, according to this economic magazine. It was so that what was born as a simple newsletter where I shared recommendations has been transformed ten years later into a huge business that includes lines of fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, food supplements or decoration, book editing, a Quarterly magazine, Podcasts, wellness seminars and even physical stores that open and close sporadically in different cities.

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The inspiration to travel this path arose after his father, Bruce Paltrow, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998. "I only remember that the operation was brutal and I thought, ' What more can we do? ' says the Californian, who woke up in itself a renewed assessment of life and health. "That was the moment when people began to think that it was crazy," recalls the interpreter. "They were all like, ' What do you mean there are foods that can affect your health? You are crazy! What is Yoga? You're a witch, a geek, "he says.

Despite the continual criticism he receives for his products and dubious practices, and even the lawsuits against him for "misleading publicity," Paltrow does not regret having taken this path. "I am happy to suffer those blows, because if you look at the culture that we had before and the one we have today, people have considerably increased their curiosity about all this. It is great to see people feeling empowered by natural solutions or ancestral methods parallel to science and medicine, "he says.

A cultural change, which according to the actress herself, has helped to create. "Sorry if this sounds bad, but the other day I went to a yoga class in Los Angeles [California, USA] and a 22-year-old girl behind the counter asked me if I had done yoga before. I literally turned to my friend and I thought, ' You have a job now because I did yoga before, ' he says.

With regard to his personal life, the actress claims to be going through a great moment. After his conscious uncoupling or "conscious disconnection" with the vocalist of Coldplay, Chris Martin, both have continued to maintain a close relationship for the good of his family. When the singer is not on tour he tends to pick up his children from the school bus every day and usually share the family dinner. In addition, on occasions when the actress is the one who has to leave the city, the Brit stays in the house of Paltrow — where he has his own room — to take care of Apple, 14, and Moses, 12.

As for his recent merger with screenwriter and producer Brad Falchuk, Paltrow could not be more pleased. "It's fantastic. I feel that now, halfway through our lives, we are better equipped to choose a partner. We usually choose our husbands much earlier in the rush to procreate, but now I feel fortunate to have met such an amazing person, a true companion, "he emphasizes.

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But despite the happiness it radiates, the couple has not yet joined their homes. "We're doing things our way. With teenagers in between, you have to be very careful, "says the artist referring both to her two children and the two children of Falchuk. "I had never been a stepmother before. I still don't know how to be, "he admits.

Although his position as CEO of the company — which according to a report by the Global Wellness Institute is valued at 220 million euros — Paltrow still manages to keep his career as an actress afloat. Parallel to his participation in the new Netflix series ThePolitician, the Californian will resume its role as Pepper Potts in the Avengersfranchise.

and whether in the performance or in the business world, Paltrow is determined not to take off the accelerator's foot: "I'll be here only once. I want an incredible life, "he reflects. "I used to be in my caravan, smoking cigarettes and waiting for Ethan Hawke to open my door. Look at me now. "

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