Henry of England simultaneó his relationship with Meghan Marke and a model

From his earliest appearances together, the love story between Prince Henry of England and his now wife, Meghan Marke, seemed to be idyllic. They had met in the summer of 2016 through common friends and had quickly connected. They had gone together to Africa and Canada, where she resided, and just a year later they were kissing in public and showing their relationship. His wedding in May 2018 and the birth of his son a year later seem to confirm that the tuning was instantaneous.

However, a biographer of the Prince now claims that the relationship was not so clear from the first minute. As the British newspaper Express, when Enrique and Meghan had already met, the flirted with a model, with whom it was seen at a party and which, apparently, sent many messages later.

Angela Levin, author of the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince, explains how it happened and who is that woman: "During the initial stage of her relationship with Meghan, Enrique had dates with Sarah Ann Macklin, model of the Burberry brand." And he goes on: "They met at a private party, he kept his number and bombarded her with messages. But in the end it was just a flirt. " Apparently, after the prince left for a month to Africa and that was the end of the matter.

Then, Sarah Ann Macklin had just broken a relationship with the famous British model David Gandy. "Flirting [with Henry] was a secret to voices among his friends," told the Daily Mail newspaper in 2016, when this brief romance took place and when it was speculated that Enrique could be dating Meghan. "David Gandy has learned that Prince Henry is behind her and is trying to get her back. There has been a time when he has had the most famous male model of the country and a prince vying for his affections. " As several friends then counted, "she was flattered by her attention and went out together a few times. Everything was done in a very discreet way. " Asked about the romance, she decided not to say anything about it.

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Another friend of the young woman claims that they "connected, but they are very different. She leads a very healthy life, barely drinks, and in that matter they were in a very different wavelength. Enrique did not seem to want to compromise. " Macklin, 29, is a well-known character in the UK. In addition to a model for signatures like Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren, she has a degree in nutrition and works for a reputable clinic in London. She collaborates with well-known magazines to talk about health and lifestyle and some media have described her as "the Jamie Oliver" of today. His profile of Instagram speaks of nutrition and wellbeing and has more than 20,000 followers.

In that start of the relationship, Enrique was not the only one who had several open love fronts. According to the same author to the newspaper, "There has also been some confusion about whether, at that time, Meghan Marke had cut with the one who was her boyfriend for two years, the cook Cory Vitiello". Marke and the Canadian chef left shortly after the divorce of the then-actress Trevor Engelson, which took place in August 2013.

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