Isabel II, more mother who reigns in the toast for the 70 º birthday of his son Carlos

On Wednesday 14 November Buckingham Palace was dressed as a party to celebrate the 70 years of Charles of England, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne. Isabel II wanted to be the hostess in her house of a great celebration attended by her children, grandchildren and also many members of other European royal houses. Thus, the London Palace saw the children of the celebrated, Guillermo and Enrique, with his wife, Kate Middleton and Meghan Marke, or Princess Eugenia of York, daughter of Prince Andrew (second son of the Queen).

The ceremony has been private, and has only transcended an image of it: Carlos and Camila, Gala dresses, posing at his departure from Clarence House (his official residence, a few meters from Buckingham) shortly before leaving for the party. However, what has transpired was Isabel II's speech during the toast. A few words in honor of his son Carlos that let glimpse the feelings of the Hermetic sovereign.

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"It is a privilege for any mother to be able to propose a toast to her son on his 70th birthday. It means that you have lived long enough to see your child grow up, "the Queen has said in a speech at the Prince of Wales ' 70th Birthday Party this evening. "It is rather like — to use an analogy I am certain will find favour — planning a tree and being able to watch It grow," Her Majesty said. Read the full toast by clicking our link in bio. This first photograph was taken at Buckingham Palace on the Prince of Wales ' fourth birthday and the second on the Queen's 90th birthday in Windsor in 2016. 📷 PA Images

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The words have not been filtered: The British royal house has published them on their website, wanting to show a more personal facet of the ever-impenetrable and unknown Isabel II, and putting in value its facet not only as Queen but also as a mother , and even as a daughter, as she quotes her own progenitor. A speech also with very personal touches, in which the sovereign, of 92 years, put notes of humour, made winks to the environmentalist facet of Prince Charles and in which it seemed to publicly reflect his acceptance by Camila de Cornwall, his wife, who is called one day to be A consort.

"It is a privilege for any mother to propose a toast to her son on her 70 birthday," The Queen begins. "That means you've lived long enough to see your son grow up. It's like — to use an analogy that I'm sure will have acceptance — to plant a tree and get to see it grow. "

"My mother saw me turn 70 years," recalled later the Queen about her birthday celebration in 1996, when her mother was about to meet the 96 years (she would live to 101). "And it was heard that 70 is exactly the age at which the number of candles in the pie finally exceeds the amount of air you have to blow to turn them off."

En uno de sus actos oficiales del 14 de noviembre, día de su cumpleaños, Carlos de Inglaterra recibió globos y presentes.Enlarge photo In one of his official acts of November 14, day of his birthday, Charles of England received balloons and present. Mark Cuthbert UK Press via Getty images

"Over 70 years, Philip [of Edinburgh] and I have seen how Carlos has become a champion of [environmental] conservation and arts, a great leader of solidarity, a dedicated and respected heir to the throne compared to any other in the history Ia and a wonderful father. Above all, supported by his wife, Camila, is a self-made man, full of passion and creativity, "highlighted the sovereign.

To finish his speech, he also made a pun and called his son with the diminutive of Duque, Duchy, which in turn is the name of a brand of British butter biscuits, appealing in a loving manner with something like "Cookie" and Duke at the same time. "So we offer to wish a happy birthday to my son, in all respects an original duke. For you, Carlos. To the Prince of Wales. "

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