Isabel II puts duties on Meghan Marke

Getting into the British royal family is not just smiling at the masses dressed in expensive clothing from great designers. The Windsors have tasks to accomplish, and Meghan Marke, despite being a newcomer, must also begin to adapt to a demanding agenda. Thus, from now on he will have to be in charge of being part of the patronage of four organizations and charities, all of them very related to the causes that he has always supported, like art, education, aid to the woman or the animals.

Elizabeth II is the one who has decided what the Duchess of Sussex should do. This Thursday, Kensington Palace has announced that Prince Henry's wife will be the patron saint of two organizations with which the Queen has been involved for decades. On the one hand, Meghan Marke will assume the patronage of the National Theatre, which the grandmother of her husband has carried for 45 years; On the other, it will also be the visible head of the British royal Family at the Commonwealth Colleges Association, which the monarch has chaired for 33 years.

According to the palace, Meghan Marke is "delighted" with both Patronages and is looking forward to start their tasks "to attract the attraction of a wider audience to these causes." "Her Royal Highness feels that she can use her position to focus attention on these organizations and to make these and the sectors they represent make a difference."

In addition, Marke will assume the patronage of two other organizations. He also enters Smart Works, an organization that supports long-term unemployed women "to give them the tools, skills and confidence they need to transform their lives." When she was an American working on television series, the Duchess was already involved in a similar cause. He had helped an organization that provided prom dresses to girls with no resources for graduation, and had traveled to India and Rwanda to work with women from marginal communities.

The fourth organization that will be present is Mayhew, founded in 1886 and focused on animal welfare, providing shelter for stray animals and the beneficial unions between pets and their owners. In fact, Marke has two dogs and when he lived in Los Angeles, California, he gave support to several animal rescue centers in the city.

In addition to these four organizations, all of them very diverse, Meghan Marke is part of the so-called the Royal Foundation, the Royal Foundation, which Guillermo and Henry of England created in 2011 to channel all their efforts in terms of philanthropy, and from which Both the Dukes of Cambridge and the Sussex are part of it.

Marke will thus have five organizations with which to start their tasks, a list that is expected to increase. Kate Middleton, her sister-in-law, is already the patron of 15 of them, the last a children's hospital in London to which she joined in December. Prince Henry is patron of 22 and Prince William, of 39. For its part, Isabel II is linked to about 600 charities, military, professional and public service organizations, according to Buckingham Palace.

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