Javier Ambrossi: "We said ' no ' to ' Operation Triumph ' for cowards"

Javier Ambrossi, half of the Javis, as known to filmmakers Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, has explained the reason for his return as teachers of interpretation to operation Triunfo. The Javis were incorporated last week to the academy after the program management decided to do without who was in charge of this training in this second edition of the talent show, also actress Itziar Castro. "We decided not to go because we wanted to dedicate ourselves to writing, to directing and to take calmly, at last, a moment of our life. One. But life has put us there again and... I have the feeling that we said no for cowards. To think: ' No, it was so good last edition that How I'm going to go back now, ' or ' is that I'm so busy that how I'm going to give time... ', said Ambrossi in the program the morning of TVE, last Wednesday.

Although the Javis had already participated in OT 2018 with two master classes, after those who received some criticism in social networks because of the pressure they submitted to the students, their intense activity in their various jobs and the fear of not meeting the Expectations achieved with great success in the last edition of the musical program were the reasons why they preferred not to get involved full time with OT 2018.

The creators of the musical the call, which also had a film adaptation, are now immersed in the preparation of the third season of Paquita Salas and in the recording of Terror and fair, series for the Flooxer platform of The producers.

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For all there are reasons. And he only knows who knows them. I hope to go little by little helping them grow and give the best of me. That's what we came here for. I hope we enjoy a lot along the way. All my love to @itziarcastro, she knows it. And all my love for @operaciontriunfo, a format that changed my life. Let's go. Anyone who wants to hear you hear.

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Last week, the producer of the program decided to dispense with his up to then Professor of interpretation, the actress nominated for a Goya prize in Itziar Castro. "Itziar Castro has not achieved the objectives expected in his area", noted the statement in which Gestmusic explained the decision. The actress, through her representatives, clarified in her social networks that she had been communicated "in a hasty way and without being expected."

A decision that created a lot of controversy among the fans of the program, both to spread the news and the moment it was known that the Javis, very friends of the actress, would be their substitutes. "I speak to Itziar often. Before deciding to go back we talked to her. I spoke with Itziar, with Tinet [director of the producer] and decided to return because we love OT, "Ambrossi insisted to journalist Maria Casado.

The director, actor and brother of the also performer Macarena Garcia has also talked about the illusion with which he and Calvo have faced their return and the talent of the contestants this year: "This edition is up to the height of last year , there are great characters. They're punks. Who gets into an edit after how well the previous one worked? Crazy people. "

The dismissal of Itziar Castro has not been the only controversy that drags this second edition OT. In the last gala, on Wednesday night, the fans accused Tongo of the program after it was published on Twitter a picture of some papers where, along with the name of each contestant, different ratings of the jury appeared before starting the corresponding actions. Both the program and Tinet Rubia, director of the production of the format, had to give explanations through the social network. "The jury sees the rehearsals on the set on Tuesday and takes their notes. Then he decides when they see the final performance of the gala, "Rubia explains in his Twitter account. That forecast is the one that appears in the photo released.

Previously, in another of the galas, was one of the contestants, Maria Villar, was the one who started another controversy when starting a debate on whether the term "Mariconez" — which appears in the lyrics of the song stay in Madrid, Mecano — was or not homophobic. In addition, a couple of weeks ago the professors had to give a touch of attention to the contestants for their "lack of professionalism and commitment" because, at the time of the rehearsal, they did not know the lyrics nor the melody of the group song.

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