Just for singing

I liked to entertain our particular summer Anabasis to La Manga, with the following tune: The finches Brothers, were sailors; who went With Columbus who was another sailor; they came To Calcutta in search of some beaches; and the Indian They cut the retreat. He sang it by chewing the last words of each sentence, resolving the rhyme with Picardy. In The zenith of despair my poor father used to utter the following threat: "Either you shut Up or I'll get you Out of the car." It Sounded convincing but it never left me in any ditch, even if I deserved it.

The one who did come down from a plane last week went to a passenger who refused to stop singing I will always love you. Apparently he did a bare cry and the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City. The first words when stepping on firm ground perfectly could be: Toto, I think this is Kansas, but I can not confirm.

All My understanding for this lady. Who can resist that chorus that bursts with the force of the seas? No One with a little heart in the chest.

As we know, the song was popularized by Whitney Houston in the soundtrack of The bodyguard, a great Movie Where Kevin Costner put the same face to say "I love you" that "I crap"; But the authorship is Dolly Parton.

The Tennessee Artist is a very valid woman who has managed to manage her heritage with sanity, for example, creating her own Dollywood amusement park, where in addition to typical attractions has activities such as the Bluegrass barbecue or the Harvest Party. I Encourage other singers to do the same, for example to Julio Iglesias, can you imagine? Come to Juliópolis! UVA Rays, Latin lover classes and paternity tests to Cascoporro!

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