Kanye West and Donald Trump are quoted to eat at the White House

Rapper Kanye West is getting closer and closer to the White House. Last September, the native of Atlanta (Georgia) expressed his desire to become the next president of the United States, and even revealed the name of his future party: The birthday party . But while his political aspirations are long-term (said to be presented in 2024), it seems that his first steps in presidential housing will be made sooner than expected.

As the New York Timeshas confirmed, West will be attending lunch tomorrow with Donald Trump, after crossing a few words with the son-in-law of the NY, Jared Kushner. The musician hopes to propose to the President some social proposals, such as improving job opportunities for the ex-cons and increasing the number of jobs in the manufacturing industry in Chicago, the state where he grew up.

West has been the subject of criticism in recent years for its public sympathy for the American president. In recent days the rapper faced the anger of social networks, after making a speech in favor of Trump in the U.S. program Saturday Night Live (SNL), while wearing the cap feature in the campaign of the now President: Make America Great Again (Make America Great Again). "Black people always want the Democrats (...) There are so many times I talk to white people about this issue and they say, ' How can you like Trump? It's racist. ' Well, if I was worried about racism I would have moved from the United States a long time ago, "the musician said at a time not captured by the cameras of the program.

But he's not the first person in his family to approach the president for political reasons. His wife, the star of Telereality Kim Kardahian, appeared in the headlines in recent months for asking (and getting) the pardon to prisoners he considered had "unfair" convictions. Among them, Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old African-American woman sentenced to life imprisonment and preying for more than two decades for a drug crime without violence; and Chris Young, 30, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for possession of marijuana and half a gram of cocaine.

West and Trump met shortly before the elections that led the tycoon to the presidency in 2016. Since then, both have exchanged accolades in social networks, which has made the rapper one of the few celebrities who publicly support the NY, and one of the most controversial stars in the last time. The musician was forced to close his Twitter and Instagram account last week, after the wave of criticism received about his words on SNL.

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