Kevin Spacey's brother assures that the actor and he suffered abuses from his father

Last Monday Kevin Spacey had to go to court to defend himself against allegations of sexual abuse that a 20-year-old did against him. Now, actor's older brother, Randall Fowler, has stated that the interpreter is following a pattern of behavior that marked his father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, who allegedly abused both when they were children.

"I spent most of my childhood trying to protect my brother from being raped by my father, (...) And 40 years later I find out that it has become him, "Fowler stated in the podcast Drew and Mike Show last Monday. "It's disgusting," he added.

According to Fowler's statements, which currently has no connection with the interpreter, he was able to escape from his father's abuses just fulfilled the age of majority, but that Spacey, who stayed five more years in the family home, dealt with the abuses convirtiénd Ose himself in "The creature," which is the way Fowler defines his progenitor. "My perception is that all that ruined most of my adult life. My brother, on the other hand, became an actor, won a lot of money, power and influence and used it to attract his prey. (...) He did it and got away with it for 40 years. "

The American, aged 62, has also pointed to the people who surround the actor, who in his opinion "are just as guilty as Kevin." "He had all those people protecting for 40 years. No one ever said anything, they all lived in silence, but as soon as the first accusation [of abuse] appeared, they all jumped off the boat as if they had grown a conscience from nothing, "he exclaims.

This is not the first time Fowler talks about the abuses they suffered at the hands of their parent. Shortly before publishing his autobiographical book, a Moment in time: Living in the Shadow, in 2017, he made an interview with the Daily Mail in which he stated that his father was part of the American Nazi Party and that regularly beat them and abused Them. "There was so much darkness in our house that it is hard to imagine. Was utterly miserable, "he said then. "Kevin tried to ignore everything that happened wrapping himself in an emotional bubble and ended up feeling no feelings," he added.

Spacey is currently facing more than 30 allegations of alleged sexual assault in Los Angeles and England. The case that brought him to court earlier in the week is that of William Little, the son of a famous Boston TV channel's actor, who accuses the protagonist of House of Cards of abusing him sexually in 2016, while working at the Clu Bar. b Car cleaning tables. Spacey has defended his innocence and denied that it was an abuse.

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