Kim Kardashian continues his activism: he will pay the rent to an ex-convict

Not only does he worry about taking unjustly convicted people out of prison, but also for their well-being once they are free. Kim Kardashian, the star of the reality who in recent months has initiated a crusade against injustices linked to the penitentiary system, goes one step further and will contribute to paying the rent of a prisoner who had recently left prison.

Matthew Charles is one of the first prisoners to have gotten out of prison after the US penal reform passed in December. Convicted of a non-violent drug-related crime in 1996, his case jumped to the media last year, when he was ordered to return to prison after his sentence had been shortened. Then, Kardashian was one of the influencers that was placed in his favor in social networks.

In May last year, Kardashian visited the White House to talk about this type of case. The changes approved in December allowed Charles to leave the prison in early January, in time to attend the speech on the State of the Union, invited by the president, Donald Trump.

Last Thursday, however, the local newspaper the Tennessean published a story about their difficulties in renting a house. And it looks like it didn't go unnoticed for Kardashian. As Charles himself published on his personal Facebook page last Sunday, he has contacted him to help him. In its follow-up to the story, the Tennessean states that although the details are still to be realized, Charles will not have to worry about paying the rent for the next five years.

Kardashian continues her crusade to help liberate prisoners with convictions, at least from their point of view, unacceptable. Last January, Cyntoia Brown, a woman who had been sentenced in 2006 to life imprisonment for murdering a man who had paid her for having sex with her when she was 16, managed to pardon her after a campaign in her support of Kardashian , among other celebrities.

Before, in May 2018, the star achieved presidential pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, a woman of 63 years sentenced to life imprisonment and prey for more than two decades for a drug crime without violence, after interceding for her before Trump. Since September, he initiated, on the same line, a campaign for the pardon of Chris Young, a young man who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for possession of marijuana and a half gram of cocaine.

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