Latest news on the state of Maria Jiménez

Singer Maria Jiménez, aged 69, slightly improves the infection that keeps her intubated in the intensive care unit of the hospital San Rafael de Cádiz. The state of the artist was complicated last week after having been emergency intervention, last May 2, because of an intestinal obstruction. When it seemed that the singer improved this operation, her condition was complicated by an infection that has forced to extreme care and to remain under intensive care.

The medical part facilitated in the last hours reports on a positive evolution of the singer: "The patient Maria Jiménez evolves favorably within the gravity. Sedation is being withdrawn to try to extubate it if possible and maintains good constants. The prognosis is still serious today, "explains the physicians who attend the hospital's intensive care and surgery unit.

The new news has meant a balm for his family, especially for Alexander, the son that the artist had with the actor Pepe Sancho, which during these days of uncertainty has been moments of great concern but at all times has been shown Hopeful about his mother's forces to overcome this pothole.

Alejandro, is the result of the marriage of Maria Jiménez with the disappeared Pepe Sancho, who maintained a passionate relationship that lived in two stages because first married in Seville in June 1980 to separate in 1984 and remarried in Costa Rica in 1987 , two years after the tragic death of Maria Jimenez's eldest daughter in a traffic accident. The singer already knows what it means to fight against diseases because in 2013 he was diagnosed with breast cancer from which he received discharge in 2017 after going through an operation and for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. She herself counted some time ago in the Viva la vidaprogram, at the stage in which she was presented by Toñi Moreno, who had lived a stage with several health problems: "I was operated on by a mother's cancer, then the throat, then I broke the fibula. I have been a pachuchilla time, "he said then.

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