Letizia's close friend enters the government of Sanchez

"We have a new account! In @CienciaGob we work to promote scientific research, promote innovation and promote Spanish universities. (...) #MiPrimerTweet ", as Inma Aguilar Nàcher announced in her Twitter account on the 20th day that the Ministry of Pedro Duque, the Minister of Science, Innovation and universities of the Socialist government of Pedro Sanchez had a Twitter account and released his brand new New chief of staff.

So far another appointment more in line with the change of government, but the curiosity of this is that Inma Aguilar Nàcher, journalist and advisor of political and electoral communication as she herself is called in her collaborations with Eldiario.es, is the closest friend of Queen Letizia. That which without saying that calls on behalf of it, it does when the controversy erupts to give its opinion and to move without doing what the Queen thinks about a specific matter. For something belongs to the hard core of his most loyal and close friendships.

Aguilar Nàcher was the only one in the environment of Queen Letizia that a few days after the scuffle between the sovereign and Doña Sofía in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, came out in defense of the first: "She is worried and quite desolate, since the Queen is very committed to the Care of her image and that of her daughters. "

Aguilar and queen Letizia are known since both worked on CNN, there were two years side by side 1999 and 2000 as journalists and belongs to the innermost circle of friendships of the woman of Philip VI, almost all professionals of communication, and among those who Encu Enter Esther Jaén, Almudena Bermejo, Sonsoles Ónega, Ana Prieto, Cristina Palacios or Sanctum Ruiz de Apodaca. All of them form a discreet and loyal group to their friend with whom the Queen tries to stay periodically and makes a trip or attends concerts and dinners in the center of Madrid.

Inma Aguilar has been defined on occasion as "Posteriodista", "Transpolitica" and "junkie of electoral campaigns". Degree in information Sciences from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, master in Communication Management from the Open University of Catalonia and Magister in new technologies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, is declared in its social networks " Interested in new journalism, social movements, cyber, political communication, art and all that mixed. "

He directed the campaign of Eduardo Madina in the primaries of the PSOE in which the Basque politician lost in front of Pedro Sanchez in 2014 and during the time immediately before entering the Ministry of Pedro Duque practiced as an independent political consultant after having Worked from late 2015 to April 2015 as a Cabinet assistant to citizen leader Albert Rivera. He had also been a parliamentary advisor in the Senate of the Entea group, which groups the Catalan parties ICV and PSC.