Madonna has a daughter in her image and likeness

Madonna's firstborn, Lourdes Leon, follows her mother's rebellious footsteps. Each public appearance confirms that mother and daughter have a very similar personality and share the temperament that encourages them to live in a counter-current. The last Test is that, like her mother, Lourdes Leon has chosen to show herself without waxing and with a transgressive dress very typical of the provocative queen of pop.

New York Fashion Week is one of the exceptions that breaks with the discreet profile that so far has maintained Lourdes Leon, known as Lola among its closest circle. Although at other times he had come as a guest to sit, yes, in the front row, this year has debuted marching for Gypsy Sport, a New York sportswear firm that does not differentiate by genres and has presented his collection for the next Spring, characterized by a wild aesthetic.

His look hasn't gone unnoticed. He has dressed a jewel top with chains and natural shells that covered minimally his breasts, and he has combined with broken jeans or ripped jeans, which left in sight his underwear. The outfit was completed by tiny sunglasses and feather-shaped green extensions. But the detail that has been most watched has been the legs without waxing Leon, a new gesture that demonstrates his defense of the movement #sobaquember, a claim that seeks to break the prejudice that the hair is unsightly and unhygienic in women, and That both the Queen of Pop and her daughter second.

Lourdes Leon desfila en la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York, el pasado martes.Enlarge photo Lourdes Leon parades in new York Fashion Week, last Tuesday. Gtresonline

Madonna shared in Instagram a photograph wearing her armpits without waxing four years ago, accompanied by the text "long hair... Don't worry! " Many celebrities followed the trend, including the models Gigi Hadid and Arvida Byström — who came to receive threats — and singer Miley Cyrus. And Lourdes Leon did the same. He dismissed the year 2017 with a snapshot in which mother and daughter appeared hugged and the hairy armpits of the young woman were in sight, with the message: "We are ready to receive you, 2018." Every time a photograph of this type appears on social networks, the celebrities receive both supportive messages and many criticisms and insults that do not accept the naturalness they defend.

Madonna, aged 60, is one of the pioneers in defending this movement. In 2011 he explained to the magazine Harper Bazaar his motives for going against the canons: "I saw how the popular girls had to behave to look good with the boys. I knew I couldn't accept that, so I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear makeup, to comb, and I refused to shave. He had hairy armpits. "

Lourdes Leon has inherited that character. It was his decision to parade for Gypsy Sport, according to Vogue, who claims that it was the young woman who contacted the designer, Rio Uribe, to ask him directly to be part of the parade. The reason is that it feels identified with the progressive values that the firm represents. Although with less controversy, the daughter of Madonna and Cuban Carlos León, has experience in the world of fashion. Since the age of 13 he designs with his mother a line of clothing called Material Girl, and has also been the image of Stella McCartney, personal friend of Madonna. After counting on her in 2016, the British designer flattereded Lourdes Leon with a publication in her Instagram account, in which she welcomed him and devoted some affectionate words: "She is a young independent, inspired and free spirit. Even though he was born in the sights, he kept his feet on the ground. " It remains to be seen whether his career in the fashion world has just begun.