Mariano Rajoy, from the suit and tie to polo and shorts

From the palace of La Moncloa to Beso Beach. From dispatching with Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron to splitting with Mojitoman. From the suit and tie to the pole and the shorts. Mariano Rajoy celebrates her first year as former president of the government on holiday in Ibiza and Formentera, completely removed from the politics and sudoku of pacts after the electoral marathon. Sources around him point out that he is happy so, at that distance, and that he has overcome his traumatic exit from power, when a few weeks after securing two years of legislature with the support of the PNV to the Budgets he was expelled from the Executive for the motion of censure driven by Pedro Sánchez.

Rajoy, who in his time as president did not use WhatsApp, is now an Instagram star, a social network in which he has entered through the big door, by the hands of well-known influencers with thousands of followers. Maria and Marta Pombo and María García de Jaime, who was photographed with him dressed as M&M as the restaurant audience, on the beachfront, shouted: "President, President!"

Rajoy seems to have a magnet for bachelor parties. A few months ago, in an AVE Madrid-Sevilla stumbled upon another farewell and agreed to photograph and take a squi with them. This time, the groom was dressed as a cockroach.

In recent days he has been seen to take a few dips in Ibiza and Formentera accompanied by his wife, Elvira Rodríguez, and some friends. It is in that scenario that he has met the one who says to make "the best mojitos in the world", Mojitoman, who is dedicated to preparing cocktails on yachts. "Honestly, he's surprised me with his personality," he confessed on instagram where he posted a photo with the former president with a hashtag cataract that, among other things, they called "superstar." In the same account, Mojitoman has published photographs with footballers such as Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, models such as Alessandra Ambrosio, actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton.

Mariano Rajoy y su esposa Elvira Fernández.Mariano Rajoy and his wife Elvira Fernández. GIM GTRES

Neither was he a president to use nor is he being an ex to use. Just 15 days after the motion of censure, Rajoy asked to re-enter his place of registrar of the property in Santa Pola (Alicante, 32,000 inhabitants), where his friend Francisco Riquelme had replaced him for almost 30 years. The former president, who had been the youngest property registrar in Spain, aged 24, obtained the transfer to Madrid, to a commercial register, in October, at the same time as his sister Mercedes, who moved from a registry in Getafe to the capital.

Rajoy resigned from his position on the State Council to return to the Register. A registrar's salary is between 10,000 and 20,000 euros per month, depending on the activity of the office. "I will be loyal," he promised in his last speech as president of the PP, last July. It was a veiled reproach to his predecessor, José María Aznar, who after choosing him as his successor devoted himself to criticizing him much less veiledly. Rajoy has complied. His only intervention in the party's political life has been to try to prevent several of his ministers from going to a meal summoned by the enemies of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in the middle of primaries. That, and going to the campaign events of the territorial leaders who have asked for it, where he has enjoyed something very much like a mass bath. He also usually eats with former party teammates once a week in Madrid.

He is comfortable away from "the troubles" and after the congress where the heir of Aznar (Pablo Casado) imposed himself on his heir, (Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría) his only public demonstrations, through Twitter, have been practically reduced to messages of condolence (by the death of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, to whom he dedicated an emotional obituary; Manuel Alcántara, José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, or "the rocky mayor of the PP", José Estanga) or sports congratulations: "Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for his extraordinary victory at Roland Garros. Pundonor, intelligence and courage have made him a tennis legend. Great champion!!", reads in his last tweet.

Rajoy has 1.6 million followers on Twitter, and there he imposes himself on the man who evicted him from La Moncloa, who has 570,000 fewer followers on his account. The former president presents himself as follows: "Affiliated to the People's Party. I believe in Spain, a great country, a success story."

On-site celebrity fashion

Beso Beach has become the place where more celebrities can be found in the Balearic Islands. From Mariah Carey, to Alejandro Sanz or DJ David Guetta. The best advertising is made by its famous customers, who hang on the networks their day in the Kiss, which makes an effect called. Rajoy his wife and friends have joined the fashion of #Nohayveranosin kiss.

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