Mick Jagger talks after his operation and says he no longer wants to spend his life on the road

Mick Jagger is back and has no intention of stopping. Two months after having cardiac surgery, the eternal vocalist of the Rolling Stones has given his first interview to a Canadian radio in which he claims to feel "pretty good."

The Jagger band will start their next concert tour in North America on June 21st, starting in Chicago and following the Ontario area, in an enclosure near Toronto, hence the singer has chatted with Q107, a Canadian radio. In the program, Jagger says he has already begun to prepare that tour. "I've been rehearsing a lot the last few weeks. I went to the gym a little bit this morning. No madness, either. Then I went to rehearse with the rest of the band, "he explains.

The singer wants to go on tour and not hide it, but in a more relaxed way than in previous years: "I do not constantly, 12 months a year. When you're young, it's what you do. Today, I spend three or four months a year on the road and I find it a logical balance. "

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A Walk in the park!

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Even though he has been through an important operation just two months ago, the musician is in full form. A few days after the intervention that had to replace a defective heart valve and took place in early April in new York, appeared looking good and walking through a park in the city. In addition, in mid-May he showed his intention to arrive on time and in good shape on the tour. In a video that hung in his Twitter account he saw him jumping and rehearsing some of his dances in front of a mirror with all his energy.

"We are trying to choose some that we haven't sung in the last few years, things we haven't done before," Jagger explains about the repertoire of this new tour, which had to be cancelled precisely because of that surgery. But it also concedes: "In general, people don't want anything that's too different. They want something a little different, but not the 100% different. " At the end of the day, "What people want is to listen to their favorites," which ensures that there is a list of "about 10! Essential. "You know, Paint it black, Hony Tonk [Women] and satisfaction," he repasses. "I don't know how people would feel if we didn't. I think they would say, ' What bad luck, I came to hear this. ' However, it does ensure that they will do "some things" different; Among others, for example, they are rehearsing the theme Memory Hotel, one of those oddities, as The magazine Rolling Stonecollects. There are still 17 concerts ahead to show that, between rarities and classics, is in full form.

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