Millán Salcedo, admitted to a Sevillian hospital

The comedian Millán Salcedo, former component of Tuesday and Thirteen, is admitted to the hospital Sagrado Corazón of Seville, as has confirmed to Efe sources of the Quiron Group, to which this health center belongs. The comedian, 64, was transferred to the hospital on Tuesday due to "an epileptic reaction," as Europe Press has told its representative agency. The comedian and writer is well and if the evolution remains positive, he is expected to be discharged in hospital in the coming days.

Salcedo, in the middle of Tuesday and Thirteen, until the duo he formed with Josema Yuste broke up in 1997, after television hits the caliber of his imitation of julio Iglesias and the famous number of Encarna's dumplings that they performed in Nochevi 1985. Tuesday and Thirteen managed to make their appearances on the small screen repercussions for weeks.

After the dissolution of Martes y Trece, who had started as a trio in the late 70s with Fernando Conde, Millán directed his professional career towards the theater.

"One of the reasons I left Tuesday and 13 was because our mother had gone too far," Salcedo said in an interview at Icon. "We performed on football fields and bullrings! I want to see people, I can't bear to look into the void. What do I communicate if I don't see the eyes and the smile of the audience? But the entrepreneur only thinks about business, the dumpling! No, the dumpling's gone a lot of time ago, Tuesday and Thirteen split up 20 years ago."

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