Pauline Ducruet, daughter of Estefanía de Monaco, debuts as a designer tucked by her family

Pauline Ducruet, daughter of Stefafa of Monaco, presented her first clothing brand called Alter Design, a 100-for-100 unisex project, on Tuesday.

A great fashion annoyed from an early age, Pauline Ducruet has realized her dream as a child with a parade in Paris, in the presence of many faces of the princely family of Monaco, including her mother and cousin Carlota Casiraghi. At the end of the parade, Pauline Ducruet struggled to contain her emotion and burst into tears as she climbed the catwalk to greet. The young woman, who is fifteenth in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne.

The discreet young woman, who has done fashion studies, has worked in the past with cosmetics firm Lancaster as her cousin Carlota, she did it with Gucci and now with Yves Saint Laurent. Although they are not the only Grimaldi united to fashion. The family's relationship with this world comes from afar. Princess Carolina has collaborated for years with her recently deceased friend Karl Lagerfeld and Tatiana Santo Domingo, married to Andrea Casiraghi, has her own fashion firm with her friend Dana Alikhani, Muzungu Sisters. Princess Charlene since marrying Prince Albert has also established collaborations with Armani and Louis Vuitton, allowing herself to be advised by the brands in her new role as first lady of the Principality and in return has attended some parades.

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Today is the day I've been working towards towards quite a while now, it has been a bumpy ride. A lot of self doubt and being hard on myself but today there is no room for that, today is the day my dream comes true ! I always wanted to create and today you will have a glance at what is in my little brain . It is an understatement to say that I am stressed and excited but it feels so right ! @alterofficial_

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The launch of her collection, which took place on the occasion of the Men's Fashion Week Primavera Summer 2020 in Paris, was also attended by her brothers Louis Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb. His father Daniel Ducruet was also there. Estefania, in an image of harmony, posed with her ex-husband and his family now, his wife Kelly-Marie Lantien and their daughter Linoué.

On Instagram, Pauline Ducruet had talked about her big moment: "It's a day I've been working for a long time, it's a bumpy trip, a lot of doubts and hardness for me but today there's no room for that, today is the day my dream comes true."

Ducruet has inherited several characteristics from his mother, including the beauty of his face. As he gets older, the traits of Estefanía de Monaco are most evident in the young woman. In addition, her mother's rebellious personality is reflected in the situations her daughter shares on Instagram: a topless,but backless, has created a half-scandal in the Principality (her mother has already starred in several covers while on the beach without the part of above the bikini).

While Andrea, Carlota, Pierre and Alejandra grew up in the eyes of half the world because of the exposure to which their mother, Carolina, submitted them, Estefanía protected theirs from the spotlights. The story of the two sisters has always been different. The eldest married to hype and saucer; the second did it in secret and with the family opposition. Everyone says it has to do with the drama experienced by the death of Grace Kelly, which made Estefanía the rebellious princessEshany accompanied her mother the day her car was peeled down by a steep bend on the way to Monte Carlo. Some people assured those days that she was the one driving. It was never confirmed.

Since that accident, Estefanía's life has changed. He had to continue psychological treatment and began a spirallife that separated him from his father. He did not finish his studies, he launched himself into the world of music and started a long list of conquests. First, the son of Jean-Paul Belmondo; then, that of Alain Delon, and later, a playboy with which he moved to Los Angeles to work on a record from which he sold only 30,000 copies. Back in the Principality he fell in love with his bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, with which he had two children: Luis, born in November 1992, and Paulina, who arrived two years later. They are assigned Camille Gottlieb, born of a sporadic relationship of Estefanía with another member of her security team.

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