Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera, the end of a soap opera of Love and Power

The love story between Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera began in the right country at the right time. He was embarked on preparations to lay the foundation for his career towards the presidency of Mexico by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). She lived a moment of fame as the protagonist of distilling Love, the telenovela that had deceived the public with a classic argument of love, passion, treason, ambition and power.

The lace couldn't be more perfect. Fiction moved to reality and the spectators/potential voters fell in front of the miracle of love between the actress and the then governor, who had to overcome the impediments of their respective lives in order to finally materialize His marriage on November 27, 2010 in the Cathedral of Toluca. As it could not be otherwise, the people witnessed a rosy final applauded; The bride — known as The Seagull by the nickname of her fictional character — threw the bouquet at the respectable and together, continued the path of her own fairy tale that came to the summit on December 1, 2012 when Peña Nieto agreed to the presidency of Mexico and Ngélica Rivera became first lady.

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We accept the love we believe we deserve.

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Up to here a story like so many other seasoned with brushstrokes of syrupy storyline of pink novel. Its protagonists, during the six years that lasted the presidential term that ended on November 30, 2018, were heroes for some, villains of luxury for others and media spectacle for the majority. The end of his term as president seemed to put a point and apart from the applause and criticism he garnered for his policy and also for the excess of ostentation that his wife flaunted to the citizens of a country increasingly punished by scarcity.

However, some images of the former president walking through the center of Madrid in the company of a young model earlier this month, returned to put the Mexican media, and also the Spaniards, on the track of the personal life of Peña Nieto and Angélica R Ivera. The companion of Enrique Peña Nieto was Tania Ruiz Eichelmann, 31, Mexican born in San Luis de Potosí and, according to sources consulted in Mexico "a model more than the many that are in the country." At first it was said that the photographs were proof that the marriage Peña Nieto-Rivera had come to an end and that the new couple lived in Madrid. After the politician was going to establish his residence in Andalusia. Later that the former president was back in Mexico and will continue there with the three children of his first marriage — Paulina, Alejandro and Nicole — with Mónica Pretelini who died in 2007.

Peña Nieto has another recognized son, Diego, born in 2005 of the relationship he maintained with Maritza Díaz Hernández, according to their own statements appearing in the book The Lovers of power, Mexican journalist Sanjuana Martínez, was his mistress during The last years of his marriage to Pretelini and also after marrying Angelica Rivera.

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This succession of facts has led to the conclusion that the marriage of Peña Nieto and The Seagull is broken — as the former first lady has confirmed this Friday on her social networks — and to resurrect the theories that her love story was actually a montage destined To facilitate the coming to the power of the politician by the way of the sentimental populism. This is at least the version that kept from the outset the journalist and writer Sanjuana Martínez, who in addition to the title mentioned above, is also the author of I'm the owner, focused on the story of the ascent and fall of Angelica Rivera and one of the People who know most about the plots that surrounded the couple.

"This marriage was a media show orchestrated by Televisa," says Sanjuana Martínez in telephone conversation with the country. "I said from the beginning that this story that was sold as pure Love had an expiration date and would be at the end of the six-year term. Then they criticized me, now the facts give me the reason. "

What does a media company have to do with a sold marriage as the perfect love story? As explained by Sanjuana Martínez, Televisa made available to Peña Nieto a group of actresses, models, celebrities..., to choose a couple; He lent his marketing department and communication gurus to bring him the campaign that raised him as a candidate for the Presidency; And finally introduced him to the seagull, who in the judgment of Sanjuana was a medium-quality actress who interpreted her best role in the president's wife.

Enrique Peña Nieto y Angélica Rivera con los hijos de la pareja (tres de cada uno de ellos), el pasado 15 de septiembre. Falta, Diego, el hijo que tuvo con Maritza Díaz.Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera with the children of the couple (three of each), last September 15. Missing, Diego, the son he had with Maritza Diaz. Hector Vivas Getty Images

The relationship that is now attributed to Peña Nieto is of no greater importance to this journalist who has focused some of his publications on the ramifications that the personal life of the leaders of his country have had in the public exercise of his power. "The Seagull lives in Miami with her three daughters [the result of a previous marriage that was annulled before marrying Peña Nieto]; He is dedicated to travel, "says Sanjuana. "Spain is part of your tour. He can travel wherever he wants and has done nothing but return to his origins before the Sextenio show : Flaunting his status as a womanizer. The private becomes public because the one who lies in his personal environment cannot be considered a good politician. " He adds: "In a sexist country with one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, that element was not considered important, but things are changing and Enrique Peña Nieto will go to history as the most phony president and one of the worst in Mexico , and see that the competition is hard, "concludes Sanjuana Martínez.

The current President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced for March 21 a consultation to know if the Mexicans want to be judged their former presidents. If the proposal goes ahead, the end of this story can have an unexpected turn.

The president's scandals

Jon Martín Cullel

The marriage of Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera was not without tension. In 2014 the couple faced the White Housescandal. A journalistic investigation revealed that the actress had bought a mansion from a favored businessman with dozens of contracts for her husband's government in the state of Mexico. Months later, Peña Nieto admitted in interviews that the controversy arising from the revelation caused "difficult moments" in his home and "affected the family spirit." At that time, the politician recognized his wife's "bravery and fortitude" in dealing with the crisis.

The flattery between the spouses seems to be a thing of the past. After months of absence from the public scene, they both attended the funeral of a relative of Peña Nieto on January 11. However, rumors of an imminent divorce increase day by day, as the epilogue of a six-term that began with high expectations and ambitious structural reforms and ended with minimum rates of citizen approval. The disappearance, still not enlightened, of 43 students of the Normal School of Ayotzinapa in the Mexican state of Guerrero in 2014, and the diversion of millions of pesos through the master scam were some of the most controversial episodes of his mandate. In 2018, the last year of his government, Mexico reached a record homicide rate since it has records and one of the highest in Latin America: 25 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, according to official figures.

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