Penelope Cruz launches a campaign to not use skins

Penelope Cruz has been showing her commitment to various charitable causes for years. Little friend to be seen on the red carpets or with her husband, also actor Javier Bardem, if there is something that makes her pose is precisely that: solidarity. Thus, in June they were seen together with Manuela Carmena, Ada Colau and many faces of the culture to support proactive Open Arms. And now it is the cross itself that decides to join another cause: the fight for the skins of animals to stop wearing clothes.

Thus, the Oscar winner has joined PETA, the organization of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and has launched a campaign with them. In an image that poses under raindrops and grabbing a striped cat, it reads: "Give us affection. Don't wear furs. "

It is not the first time that Cruz joins this organization, since he already appeared in an ad with them in 2012. Now, the 44-year-old interpreter has also wanted to make a statement to reaffirm her decision. "I'm strong and I have my own opinion," he says. "These qualities have brought me many problems since I was a child and went to school, saying ' I don't like it ' and struggling with other children. It's part of my curiosity for life. "

Penélope Cruz, en la campaña para PETA.Penelope Cruz, in the campaign for PETA.

Cruz — which, as they remark from PETA, is always on the lists of the best dressed — joins the trend of many designers who have decided to leave the skins outside their collections, such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Furla, Diane von Furstenberg or more recently Jean Paul Gaultier or Versace (with which Cruz has collaborated for years). Now Chanel, of which it is image, has also assured that it will stop using exotic skins in the future. "Finally, many designers have decided not to wear furs, and I am looking forward to seeing the day when there is no animal in a cage, or that it is captured and killed by its skin," Cruz told PETA.

Penelope Cruz supports different causes of various kinds. It supports the investigation of childhood cancer with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation and has positioned itself in favour of the immigrants rescued in the Mediterranean. "They themselves know that they are not the solution, but then who would pick up these people? Europe and the rest of the world cannot turn their backs on this gigantic problem, it is not worth looking the other way. It would be horror. If we do not agree to face this fact, what will happen? "He explained to this diary last August.  In addition, a few months ago he presented Write Her Future, an initiative of the cosmetic firm Lancôme (of which she is Ambassador) and the NGO Plan International against illiteracy among young women. There unveiled who has hosted an Indian girl, today a young woman, at home for three years.

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