Rania's message of love from Jordan to her husband, 26 years later

"I am very fortunate to be by your side, today, tomorrow and the days to come. God bless you, my king. " It is the message published on Monday by Queen Rania of Jordan, in her profile of the social network Instagram, to congratulate her husband, King Abdullah II on the 26º anniversary of her marriage. Along with the loving message, written in Arabic and English, a photograph of both dressed in blue with arms intertwined. A snapshot that has been harvested in a few hours almost 300,000 "I like" and that is part of a series of photographs that the royal couple was made in December to congratulate the year to their subjects.

The couple gave the yes I want on June 10, 1993 before more than 2000 guests, among whom were representatives of the royal houses around the world and that at that time Prince Abdullah was not the heir to the throne Hachémite. "It was love at first sight," the monarch recognized years later in an interview with People magazine.

Both met in 1992 during a dinner organized by the monarch's sister to whom Apple's 22-year-old executive Rania al-Yassin came along with a co-worker. The 31-year-old prince was completely enthused by the young Palestinian-born woman who would start dating two months later.

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مع سيدنا والأمير الحسين اليوم in مركز الملك حسين بن طلال للمؤتمرات لحضور أعمال المنتدى الاقتصادي العالمي in البحر الميت #المنتدى_الاقتصادي_العالمي #الأردن #حب_الأردن With His Majesty and Crown Prince Al Hussein at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center while Attending WEF MENA at the Dead Sea today #WEF #MENA19 #Jordan #LoveJO

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Born in Kuwait, where his family fled to Jordan after the Gulf War erupted in 1991, he graduated from the American University of Cairo in Business administration and management. Much loved by their subjects for their closeness and because many identify with it-more than half of the Jordanian population is of Palestinian origin-has been one of the few voices that has dared to speak in Jordan against the so-called "honor crimes" , a legally punishable scourge but still common and tolerated by broad sections of society.

Very committed to social causes, Rania quickly became an icon of modernity and glamour. More than a decade ago he inaugurated his YouTube channel and his followers are counted by millions on social networks.

Author of 4 children's books inspired by her childhood, the Queen has always been very focused on improving education. It is mother of 4 children Hussein (1994), Iman (1996), Salma (2000) and Hashem (2005). The eldest of them, the Crown Prince Hussein, follows in his mother's footsteps and is an emergent star of Instagram.

Despite being questioned by some, for his increasingly fondness of surgical retouching and his taste for haute couture clothes, most of his subjects still see a lesser evil in those little vanities of a queen. Above all, Rania has been able to use his position to champion popular causes and rise globally as an icon of modernity in the Arab world.

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