Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva are parents

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva are already parents. The actor of Pretty Woman and of officer and gentleman has welcomed his second son, also the second for his partner, the businesswoman Alejandra Silva. The little one, a child, was born a few days ago in new York, as he first made the magazine Hello!.

The couple met in Positano, Italy, in 2014, when he was in a hotel managed by the businesswoman. Gere, 69 years old, and Silva, from 35, began to leave shortly after and were married in April 2018 in the United States. Just three months after her wedding they announced that they were expecting their first child in common. The actor is the father of Homer James Jigme, who last week turned 19 and is the result of his previous marriage with actress and Exmodel Carey Lowell, who was between 2002 and 2013. He had previously been married on another occasion, with the model Cindy Crawford, in a very popular relationship that lasted four years, from 1991 to 1995.

For his part, Alejandra Silva (or Alejandra Gere, as he calls now in his profiles on social networks) also has a son, named Albert, who is six years old and is the result of his previous marriage with the mining magnate Govind Friedland.

Richard Gere y Pedro Sánchez, en la MoncloaEnlarge photo Richard Gere and Pedro Sánchez, at the Moncloa CORDON PRESS

The actor has said of his wife that has been someone who has "taught the true way." For his part, she says that with him he has "found the quiet and happy life that always" he had sought. Moreover, they are both great followers of Buddhism; So much so that the Dalai Lama gave the blessing to Silva's pregnancy. "Very happy to receive blessings for our precious treasure to arrive... I could not mention it without having told His Holiness Dalai Lama," she assured in a message from her Instagram account in September.

In addition to entrepreneurs, both are well-known activists. Gere was quoted in October with the President of the government, Pedro Sanchez, to talk about homeless people, a question that is very aware. In fact, he went to the Moncloa as a representative of Fundación RAIS (support network for socio-Labour insertion), which seeks to help and give visibility to those who are obliged to live in the street, which in Spain affects more than 31,000 people. Sanchez then pledged to push for reform in the Penal code to consider Aporofobia as aggravating, "for those who commit such cruel and inhuman acts to feel the moral reproach of society," he said.

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