Rihanna breaks her rule: talk about her life and account she wants to be a mother

Rihanna never talks about her private life. He's not one of the artists who's going out or who has broken up. Nor do they give explanations about what they do outside of the scenarios. But the Barbados singer has made an exception and has given an interview to the magazine interview in which it breaks its rules. He says his relationship with Hassan Jameel is going very well and he wants to be a mother.

Rihanna spoke with Sarah Paulson, lan actress with whom he shared a Poster in Ocean Eight. To the question of whether she is in love with the Saudi businessman with whom she has been dating for at least two years, the Barbadense was blunt: "Of course I do."  And although Rihanna did not confirm if her wedding with Jameel is nearby yes unveiled she has a lot of desire to be a mother: "Having a child is what I want most in the world."

"It's been in the last couple of years when I started to realize that you need to take time out for yourself because your mental health depends on it," says Rihanna. "If you're not happy, you're not going to be happy doing the things you love to do. It would look like a routine job more. I never want to work to feel like I'm doing routine chores. My career is my purpose and I should never feel that it is something different from a place where I am happy. "

Rihanna, junto a Hassan Jameel. con gorra, en un partido de Los Ángeles Lakers, en Los Ángeles, el pasado 21 de febrero.Rihanna, with Hassan Jameel. With a cap, in a Los Angeles Lakers game, in Los Angeles, on February 21st. Getty

"I got into a new relationship and that's important to me. It was like, ' I need to take time for this, ' says Rihanna in the interview. "The same way I nutro my business, I also need to nurture this relationship. I stop things for two or three days for it. Now, on my calendar, we have one of those "P's" of bad repute, which means ' personal days '. This is something new "

The relationship of the couple jumped to the press for the first time in June 2017, when they were caught kissing passionately during a holiday in Spain. Later, in September, they let themselves see dinner in a restaurant in London and, in October, strolling through the streets of Boston. In January of last year, an official appearance of the couple was expected in the Grammy awards. Although Rihanna came alone and picked up her ninth Grammy along with the singer Lamar in the form of Best Rap song sung, by Loyalty, Hassan Jameel appeared at the party after the gala. But it wasn't until the end of February that the couple let themselves be seen in public. It was February 20 when Rihanna turned 31 and among the celebrations did not miss going to encourage her favorite basketball team: Los Angeles Lakers Aocmpañada de Hassam Jameel. The singer's boyfriend, who was also associated with supermodel Naomi Campbell, belongs to the commercial dynasty Abdul Latif Jameel, a family organization that owns, among many other companies, the exclusive rights of the distribution of the Brand Toyota in Saudi Arabia, and that is valued 1.5 billion of dollars. A fortune that last year placed the Jameel family as the twelfth richest Arab family in the world, according to Forbesmagazine.

Rihanna is more than a singer. Today, Barbados is a global artist who has managed to turn her intuition into a magical king Midas wand and do business with almost everything she can think of: clothes, makeup and, of course, music. However, it is not this aspect that the most income reports. As announced by ForbesMagazine, Rihanna is already "the richest musical artist in the World", by amassing a fortune of 600 million dollars, ie more than 532 million euros. Interestingly, most of Rihanna's earnings of recent months do not come from his music, but from Fenty Beauty, his make-up

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