Roca Rey, bullfighter of modernity and fashion

Andrés Roca Rey (Lima, 1996) is the son of his time. It is not settled to be the number one bullfighter dressed in lights; now, he wants to dress his generation with his own T-shirt brand inspired by the values of his bullfighter's profession.

He's still a kid- 22 years old – and he's already the fashion right-hander. He smashes into the box office, shocks audiences, has earned the respect of discerning fans, and seems willing to break with the stale, traditional image of the very closed and strange world of bulls, so far from the worldly noise of modernity.

Member of a Peruvian upper-middle-class family, related to bullfighting business, immigrant in Spain since he turned 14, with a meteoric bullfighting career behind him, brave and dedicated like few others, with a vocation and surprising conditions , seems born for what he wants to be: a period bullfighter, a revolutionary with a hood and crutch who breathes a new life into the old and sometimes disgevensed bull party.

But Roca Rey is first and foremost a 21st century kid born into the society of new technologies, social media and the fashion empire. And none of it is alien to him.

Las camisetas que se venden en la web de Roca Rey.zoom in T-shirts sold on Roca Rey's website.

Active in Twiter, where it has more than 33,000 followers, and on Instagram, with 138,000, it has its own logo and virtual assistant. And now, he has also announced that he enters the world of fashion with his own brand of T-shirts, made in 100 percent made with Peruvian pima cotton, considered the best in the world. Used by pre-Incan cultures 5,000 years ago, it is specially cultivated in northern Peru, and exported to Europe, where it is used by exclusive luxury brands.

Apparently, the new facet as designer of Roca Rey is limited to a limited collection in white, navy, gray and pink, and a jug with the bullfighter's logo.

Well, on the other hand, it is true that the Peruvian bullfighter is groundbreaking in the traditional of the bullfighters' dress. Last May 22nd, in the Plaza de Las Ventas, trying to mock a bull with the hood, he was turned with a shudder and ended up in the sand with the shattered taleguilla. When, battered, he regained verticality, black stockings were exposed, something like a neoprene trouseror or metal tights that provoked comments of all kinds.

Faced with the insinuations that it was an anti-bullet shield to dodge pythons, his swordboy hastily clarified that they were nothing more than women's pantis sold in the haberdashery for 7.95 euros and whose purpose is to facilitate the entry of the taleguilla into the legs.

Be that as it may, whether or not the clarification of your collaborator, it is the first time, as it may be known, that a bullkiller wears women's clothing, even if they are intimate.

El torero Andrés Roca Rey el 9 de junio en Nimes (Francia).Bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey on 9 June in Nimes (France). SYLVAIN THOMAS AFP

However, despite the youth and daring of the right-handed Peruvian, he surprises his new task as a budding designer. The bullfighter's profession does not leave much free time for other occupations, nor does it seem that the men who run their careers - two traditional bullfighters such as retired bullfighter José Antonio Campuzano and the entrepreneur of the Maestranza, Ramón Valencia - are prone people the veils of modernity. Rather, it responds to the strategy of the communication company that manages the image of the bullfighter, which dives into new models to extend its social influence among the youngest.

It is hard to imagine Roca Rey, dedicated in body and soul to his absorbing profession of bullfighter, involved in the design of T-shirts. But there remains a new attempt to stop the bulls' party and its protagonists to beat the rhythm of the society in which they live.

For now, Roca Rey, a boy of few words, introverted in the middle and swayed in the face of the bull, smiles at the camera shyly, and shows a new side based, says, in the values that govern his life: elegance, youth, daring and emotion.

By the way, this Saturday you must fulfill your third commitment at the fair of San Isidro. He has already left for the Big Gate on May 22nd, and is supposed to try again to confirm his primacy of number one of the ladder; if you let your new designer job, of course.

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