Rome, the not-so-discreet plan of the Queen Letizia with her daughters at Easter

The agenda of the Royal House, which can be consulted publicly, is clear: there are no official acts during this week. That means that there will be no apparitions of the current Kings or of the emeritus and therefore that they can be in almost any place. For This Reason it is not surprising that when you coincide with the Easter holidays, the Kings want to make a private trip. In this case, the chosen destination has been Rome.

The Queen Letizia and her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, traveled Friday to the Roman capital, as reported by Vanitatis. Both the Queen and the Infanta and the Princess of Asturias, and without Felipe VI, were seen taking a flight from Barajas, as they have counted different witnesses who traveled in it. Instead of using a private car for their personal holidays, they decided to opt for a regular airline of Iberia and traveled in businessclass. According To The witnesses, they wore casually and with caps, so they went practically unnoticed.

The Queen and her daughters did not invoice for the usual channels and accessed directly to the device. Besides, they were the first to leave the plane. According to this same medium, Doña Letizia tried to maintain her anonymity and even asked a young man if he was taking pictures with his mobile phone. Knowing that it was not the case, he apologized to him.

Casa Real does not give information about private acts of the royal family that are not on the agenda and therefore do not pronounce about this trip. Although sometimes they have come to light alleged escapades of Doña Letizia, usually accompanied by one of her daughters or two, from Zarzuela never confirmed. In this case, this getaway will last until next weekend. Sunday is celebrated in Palma de Mallorca the traditional Easter Mass, to which the kings and their daughters will be expected, as well as the Emeritus Kings. It Was on that occasion, in 2018, when the famous collision between Queens Sofia and Letizia took place.

The Queen's next official voyage will take place at the end of the month. It Will Be to Mozambique, where it will take place its fourth voyage of cooperation (after visiting Honduras and El Salvador in 2015; Senegal in 2016 and Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 2018). Doña Letizia will leave for the African country on April 28th, precisely on the day of general elections, and be there until the 30th.

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