Salma of Morocco summers on a yacht that costs 550,000 euros per week

Princess Salma of Morocco, 41, landed on Saturday, July 6 with her 16-year-old son Hassan on the Greek island of Skiathos. The princess and crown prince are staying on the yacht Serenity, as published by the Greek press last Tuesday. The rental of this boat costs a minimum of 550,000 euros per week, as recorded on a specialized yachtCharterFleet page. The yacht was built in 2004 and renovated in 2017. It can accommodate 30 guests and 31 crew and has an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a jacuzzi, a cinema room, a large dining room as well as different terraces on the deck, with environments prepared for professional activities, if required its occupants, as more playful areas for moments of rest. Most of the cabins on the boat have their own terrace and among the services there is a massage.

Uno de los salones dentro del barco 'Serenity'.zoom in One of the lounges inside the ship 'Serenity'. YachtCharterFleet.

The news comes only a few days after learning that King Mohamed VI of Morocco has become the new owner of another large yacht. The ship, named Badis 1, is one of the 10 largest sailing yachts in the world. The boat, which is currently docked in Casablanca, is 70 meters long by 13 meters wide and, although its exact value is not specified, it is known that its previous owner paid for it between 60 and 90 million euros.

Princess Salma has lived for almost two years separated from King Mohamed VI. In March 2018, the magazine Hello! published that the couple had separated, but the Moroccan Royal Palace has never confirmed or denied the news. A month before this news, speculation slammed in Morocco about the marriage rupture, due to the absence of the Moroccan princess in the heart operation to which the monarch was subjected to a Parisian clinic due to cardiac arrhythmia.

La sala de cine dentro del yate 'Serenity' y, a la derecha, uno de los camarotes principales.zoom in The cinema room inside the yacht 'Serenity' and, on the right, one of the main cabins. YachtCharterFleet

News of the medical intervention was disseminated by the official MAP agency. It saw Mohamed VI smiling in bed surrounded by his three sisters, Princesses Hasna, Mariam and Asma, his brother, Mulay Rachid, and their two sons, heir Mulay Hassan, and Princess Lalla Jadiya, 12.

Then, the sensationalist website, Le Crapouillot Marocain,lashed out anonymously against Salma of Morocco. This tabloid accused the Moroccan princess of possessing a "choleric and aggressive" character, with "large doses of narcissism", an "excessive ego" and "a disproportionate concern" for her image. The anonymous indicated that the princess was arguing with the members of the royal family, with the sovereign's environment and with the staff she has at her service, "despite her husband's recurring calls to order."

La princesa Lalla Salma en su visita al centro oncológico de Beni Mellal, en abril. Princess Lalla Salma on her visit to the Beni Mellal cancer center in April. GOUD. Ma

Since then, Salma Bennani, her name before marrying Mohamed VI, remained for many months hidden from public life. In the summer of 2018, Meriem Said, a Moroccan journalist working for the pan-Arab channel MBC, claimed to have crossed paths with the princess, accompanied by her two sons, in the Italian municipality of Portofino, but there was no graphic record of the encounter. Finally, last April, after more than a year gone, two images of her were passed to the press. In the first she was seen with her daughter, Princess Jadiya, in the massive square of Yemaa el Fna, in Marrakech. And in the second, he visited the cancer center of the town of Beni Melal, in the center of the country.

The question now raised by some Parisian media related to the heart press—since the Moroccan press does not usually address these issues—is why Princess Jadiya has not come with her mother and brother to the Greek islands.

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