Sharon Stone: The term was often used to decide if we were to be hired

Sharon Stone, one of the stars who has most often embodied the image of Sexi woman in Hollywood, is also one of the most combative in the feminist struggle. Now the actress has taken a step further and has talked about the sexual harassment she suffered during her career in Hollywood.

When I started in this business, the term was often used to decide if we should be hired, says Stone, at 61 years old. "The directors of the studios sat around a big table and argued if it would be possible for each of us to be fucked."

In his early years Stone sold the image of sexy woman. He accepted covers in which he went out almost naked, embodied roles representing women now denostadas in the age of the Method.

La actriz Sharon Stone en una escena de la película Instinto Básico 2, estrenada en 2006.The actress Sharon Stone in a scene of the movie Instinct Basic 2, premiered in 2006. CORDON PRESS

I used my brain to look. It was the best, "admits the star. Sharon Stone has been several times the victim of sexism that reigns in the filming. Quote a concrete example: "For Basic Instinct 2, I worked with a director who asked me to sit on his lap every day to receive his recommendations, and when I refused, he did not want to record me. It lasted for weeks. "

In October 2017, the Weinstein case shook Hollywood. For several months, Sharon Stone remained silent. It was in January 2018, when he spoke in the CBS of sexism invading the film industry "I've been in this business for 40 years," says the actress to Madame Figaro. "So imagine 40 years ago. With the physique I had and coming from a lost hole in Pennsylvania, I came here without any protection. I saw it all. " Stone is convinced that the feminist revolution is accomplishing things. "Women are beginning to understand that they can be themselves and no longer have to behave like men to take power or have courage."

Stone has also joined the protest movement against wage inequality between men and women in Hollywood, which are already adept other actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman or Meryl Streep. The interpreter said that after Basic Instinct, no one hired her because she demanded the same salary as her male companions. "I remember sitting in my kitchen, with my manager, crying and saying that I would not work until I was paid what was fair," said Stone.

"And yet, I still charge a lot less than a man," the actress told her. Sharon Stone has also proposed that the change is not only for the actresses, but extends to all women and has talked about her own experience when she began in the world of Interpretation: "served tables and cleaned floors and if you do the same , it's not right to be paid differently, "he adds.

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