A brilliant group, referent for future generations, revolutionary in form and in the background. No, I'm not talking about the British band, but about us the chanars: Ernesto Sevilla, Raúl cimas, Julián López, Carlos Areces and a server.

We had the world in our hands, we lived a genuine Chanantemanía. We could not walk through any locality Manchego without Zarandearan us and we vocearan to the strain of the ear all kinds of proclamations: "Cracks!", "You are the fucking masters!", "Take a Cañeja!". I miss him, but there's no turning back.

Mel B has just published a book, brutally Honest, in which he airs, among other things, the reason he distanced of Victoria Beckham; Something that eventually meant the end of the musical project at its best creative moment. It all happened during a trip to Hawaii that made the four members together with the intention of being Superamiguisagain.

It is known that already on the island Mel B lacked time to throw a native Noviet called Nalu. They slept under the stars, they made Aguadilla... "A perfect holiday romance," according to his own words. One afternoon when the whole Peñita was making dinner at the beach, Nalu decided to take the firewood right there in the sand, washing up at sea. All this to the posh spices seemed disgusting and from that moment left pears. Frankly, it seems to me that he took the feet out of the pot, Victoria I say, because looked cold is not so much. Also, apparently, Mel B herself picked it up with a baggie.

Ours was stronger. I never counted it, but it burns inside me. Also the Chanars took a trip to reinforce ties, but to Mazarrón instead of to Hawaii. Do you want to believe that after taking them all in my car they wouldn't pay for the gas? I did not speak to them again: it was 15 euros per beard.

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